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Can you create an ideal life and business? And what is “showing up?”
Many people are in careers they hate. They want to change but have no idea what they want to do, or they can see it (that “ideal”) but can’t figure out how to get there. 

I wanted to have an open discussion about life and business, transformation, and having the courage to be vulnerable. Berni is one of the first people I think of when I envision someone Daring Greatly. She’s also great at cutting through the crap and getting straight to the point.

Some tidbits from Berni? Buckle up and get ready for the ride, experience the highs and lows, and let go of perfection. I like her responses, love her style, and I think you’ll enjoy this conversation...

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I think pursuing what you love—enjoying your craft, building a new business, designing a lifestyle of your making—is about creativity, determination, and ignoring the critics.

It’s also less about trying to be extraordinary and more about feeling that work is the reward. Don’t trade a rock-solid feeling of contentment at the end of each day for the pipe dream of “extraordinary.”

Today's post is about the above and more. And strangely enough, it's the result of me listening to two people discuss vulnerability for 10 minutes…

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From +Fabrizio Van Marciano quite the detailed post re: emails...

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I just had a great conversation with +Amy Harrison​ If you're trying to come up with more creative ways to market your business online, you should be following her. Do check out

She has a certain creative tone absolutely nailed, as you will see if you watch AmyTV.

Can't wait to publish this podcast on

We discussed motivation, creativity, story, and more. We also talked about her favorite social network as of late... Google Plus. I was already kinda on board thanks to +Ryan Hanley and now I need to dive into +martin shervington 's stuff. Thank you Amy :)

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I love this article from +Ryan Hanley  How to NOT Commoditize Your Business ::

"Our marketing tells a story aimed at consumers whose ideals mirror our own business.

Our message matches who we are with who we're looking to attract. Focus in on that small group. Acquire one True Fan, then two, then four, then a thousand…"

I'm also reminded of what  +Joe Pulizzi stated here regarding brand evangelism.

“Content marketing is the practice of creating relevant and compelling content in a consistent fashion to a targeted buyer, focusing on all stages of the buying process, from brand awareness through to brand evangelism."

I say embrace the power of story:

You have a story. 

Life is an adventure. 

Running your business is a daily saga that might just define your life’s mission. Run with it.

Break out:

Story and Emotion will help you break from the flock, engage your audience and help you find the evangelists you need, and will grow to love. Heck, just look at +Berni Xiong +AJ Leon +Michael Margolis Talk about breaking out :) :)

To me, it’s part of branding done right.

Cheers, Mr Hanley :) Oh, and thank you for amping me up today!

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+Lisa Gerber on Taking Big Leaps...

[AOBO Podcast Episode 5]...

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Visual branding solutions for B2B companies is kinda my bailiwick, but like everyone else, my world is changing. Fast.

You see, I can’t approach client work like I used to, and I won’t. Why? Because part of my job is to help companies attract and retain clients, and the old model (traditional networking, trade ads, etc.) is slowly dying on the vine...

Thanks to +Laura Click +Joe Pulizzi and +Mark Schaefer ... professionals with chops AND amazing content, I was able to put this together...

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If you own a business and have considered content marketing, what is stopping you from doing it?

Content marketing has been around for ages, but I’m talking about a fairly new way to attract and convert customers.

The modern incarnation of Content Marketing that many small businesses don’t embrace...

Thanks to the value-filled content of +Joe Pulizzi and +Marcus Sheridan I was able to put this together...

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If there was a golden trifecta that could truly move the needle in your business, you’d want to read about the details, right?

Successful marketers today use a powerful 1-2-3 mix of words, tools, and practices that can dramatically improve your brand presence, build an audience, and create a marketing machine built to last.

Thanks to the amazing content of +Danny Brown +Lisa Gerber +Gini Dietrich +Jay Baer and +Ryan Hanley I was able to put this together...

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The Limitations of Forced Viewpoints

I've been looking at some posts from last year, to see if they need updated, or if my viewpoint has changed. This one, I haven't changed my mind on at all. From the post:

"Chasing web traffic over quality content to drive the traffic is kinda like the first time you see a porno – exciting for a moment, but a false representation of the deeper picture behind the moans and slappy noises."

Would love to hear your thoughts.
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