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i wish portal 3 would come out...
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Is another sequel really needed though? I thought that Chell's story was wrapped up in Portal 2 quite nicely. I think Half Life 3 is needed more as Episode 2 was left on a cliffhanger. If they did do Portal 3 I fear that it won't be as good and will feel unneeded. But if Valve know what they're doing if they ever do Portal 3 then it is bound to be good.
yes, it is needed, forget about the story line, we want more puzzels, we cant we just be some sort of robot
+Wolf king gaming If it's more puzzles you want, Portal 2 has the Perpetual Testing Initiative DLC. It gets you theoretically infinite test chambers. That was the point of adding the level editor in the first place: Infinite replay value.
i wish half life 3 would come out
+Nick B That's actually what happened in the intro cutscene of Thinking With Time Machine.
its probably going to be infuzed with half life 3
I personally belive the letting go might be a light trick, or screens, and if/when portal 3 comes out the firs thing your gunna see are those screens, thems glitching, then falling down. Then you being in a cage, and then a glados mount with a new core on it.
And yus, I've played thinking with the time machine.
+Nick B I'm guessing that's where you got the light trick idea in the first place?
Also not so much. You see, we saw stuff like this in half-life. THis could be true. Maybe not a portal 3 but a portal 2 episodes 1 - 2 until valve runs out of number below 3.
But the thing is, Portals plot is finished, Chell got free, it IS the end, you don't make sequel after the end.
+MrNoobRage2000 ITS NOT FINISHED! have you seen half life, ive barley seen any of it, but im shure she is gona need that gun up there! and also, borealus....
+MrNoobRage2000 Well it could be about either a time where Aperture Science once again hire new test subjects or just Atlas or P-Body.
+3irikur With a) the events of Half-Life going on at the same moment, b) the fact that Aperture is entirely abandoned save for a malevolent bloodthirsty AI, and c) test subjects' tendency to die in the first or second pit of goo they come across, they need (i.e. GLaDOS needs) to be really unlucky to get another Chell.
+StraightFlame1 or aliens from half life to invade the surface, forcing GLaDOS (being chells mom) to come and save her, wile chell is using fer portal gun to save herself! or it may have something to do with wheatly!
+JArkhamReviews It is entirely possible that where Chell is outside, that it's just a test chamber that looks realistic.  The walls would fold back and GLaDOS would say something like "Oh, you thought we were done? Nope!"
+NarWhatGaming2 Then what was with GLaDOS suddenly being concerned about Chell, and the fact that she opted to take the easy way out?
+StraightFlame1 It'd be an easy way for GLaDOS to make Chell (and the player) believe it's over.  IDK, I'm just mulling over the concept :P
+NarWhatGaming2 For the sake of contemplation, i think i should mention the plot of Thinking With Time Machine. It goes as follows:

Immediately after Chell gets her companion cube, the bird flies off and bumps into the sky, which is revealed to be a set of giant screens. Chell then finds an elevator, which leads into a new, shinier, futuristic testing course, where she finds a replacement portal gun and a device that can make her past self appear. GLaDOS does not talk to you at all for the duration of the "tutorial" tests.

Eventually, you come across GLaDOS's chamber. What you find there is that GLaDOS was apparently deactivated. You can hear Atlas and P-Body arguing about something. They are arguing about using you as a test subject to test something called "test cameras". You'll learn from their conversation that they were the ones who brought you to that simulation room and the testing course, and that GLaDOS's telemetric devices were damaged, so she can't control most of the facility anymore.

Then you go into the emergency shutdown room, where you find footage of the co-op bots attacking GLaDOS. Then, you find a message from GLaDOS asking you to find a proper time machine and go back in time to just before midnight.

The game ends with Chell going back in time. She appears in the elevator that took her "outside", and GLaDOS berates her for still being in the facility even though she's free to go. The credits roll, and we never learn what happened afterwards.
+NarWhatGaming2 I know, right? The thing is, though, they can't use that plot for Portal 3 without some major deviations, because otherwise it wouldn't really be original.

I'm rooting for the prototype chassis being used as more of a plot device in Portal 3, rather than just an excuse to have a DLC level pack in Portal 2.

Perhaps the mystery woman (i know who she is, but spoilers) could have found the chassis sometime during chapter 9 (without GLaDOS noticing it before an adequate amount of damage has been done), and while fiddling with the buttons, accidentally sent Chell into a simulation chamber designed to get test subjects' hopes up. Chell would then spend a few days or weeks (not sleeping because of the adrenal vapor) in an area where GLaDOS can't do anything (those areas exist, as shown in chapter 5) until the co-op plot has been resolved.

And as we all know, you can't have Portal without GLaDOS. Valve tried it with Portal 2 already, and nope.

So in my plot, after a reasonable amount of time Chell would accidentally walk into GLaDOS's "line of sight", and GLaDOS (being the corrupt junkie she is even without cores, and still having the adventure and fact core attached) decides to use Chell for testing, her reasoning being "if she is still here she obviously likes testing", and the fun Chell had escaping in the first two games would start all over again. Maybe Valve could also do that thing they planned with Chell meeting multiple cores throughout the game.

Also, they were willing to retcon Portal 1's ending to have Chell in Portal 2. Later versions of the game would not have Chell escape; when she was outside, she would be dragged back in by the Party Escort Bot. So i'm guessing we're good when it comes to that. Speaking of the Party Escort Bot, perhaps he would make a great secondary antagonist.
+NarWhatGaming2 ...though to be honest, such a plot would mess with my headcanon that the co-op bots were created so GLaDOS had no reason to not kill Chell. So i really hope that something bad happens to the co-op bots in Portal 3. (Which is a shame because P-Body is my favourite character.)
+StraightFlame1 Hah, personally I liked Atlas' body more :)  It'd be an interesting twist if Cave Johnson was somehow included, like the time machine goes too far back, and Cave tries to save himself by going forward in time.
The cover on portal 2 looks a lot different than when you play it!
+Cereal Guy That's what I was thinking.  Perhaps make it so the player would play as Doug Rattman or something.
Yeah, he saved Chell's life! Awsome, right?
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