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The ONLY Android app that brings UCCW themes to you!
The ONLY Android app that brings UCCW themes to you!

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Just uploaded a minor update to improve performance with older, large tablets (like the Galaxy Tab 10.1)

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Handy ☺
Unleashing my early birthday gift to the Android world.  Check out more than 1100 Icon Packs by more than 70 different devs all in one place!  Current app sales add up to about $25 off list prices!  Please reshare!

Credit to +Andrew Gallagher of Double A Designs for the Icon design

+Marco Agas & +Ricky Laughlin I think you will both enjoy this immensely.

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1.1.3 is rolling out tonight.  Here is the changelog:
- Modified pull-to-refresh
- Added brief tutorial
- Billing fixes
- Added missing download notification
- Eliminated double-load bug
- Better optimizations for certain devices (primarily Samsung)

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Version 1.1.2 is being slowly rolled out.  It primarily consist of a billing fix for purchasing and restoring old licenses.

I'm aware of some server issues going on right now, I should be able to fix it tonight.

ETC: 6 hours

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Just released version 1.1.0 (you should see it in a few hours)

 Changelog includes the following:

- Pull-to-refresh
- Speed optimizations
- Crashlytics integration
- Bugfixes
- Server consolidation
- Rebuilt using Android Studio/Gradle build system
- Android 4.0+ only

I'll let you in on a little secret too.  This release marks the start of production that will lead to a super awesome brand new capability...

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Pushed version 1.0.2 just now.  This will be the last <4.0 version (should be some improved things coming soon)!

Primarily a bugfix release but those on larger devices will notice better image viewing.  I also changed the name to better reflect what the app does.

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Started a project at GetLocalization to crowdsource translations.  Help out at the link below!

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Great video review of +Zooper Widget Gallery  .  Check it out if you like UCCW Theme Viewer!  If you prefer WidgetLocker, then check out +WidgetLocker Theme Viewer .



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Just in case you needed the link!  Don't forget to rate and +1!
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