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Chuck Courtwright
Board member of the Christian Co., IL., Genealogical Society
Board member of the Christian Co., IL., Genealogical Society

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This is GREAT!!! - I love reading of your enthusiam & not afraid of the 'older' bunch :-)

I'm glad u made this community Denise - I work at our local Historical Soc. & am a Bd. member of the county Genealogical Soc. I've scanned, photographed several thousand items - Photographs are stored in Lightroom and paper documents go to Evernote Premium. I am also talking with a local person for building a database for both societies. Last week & this one I'm working on my personal genealogy and hopefully get it into Wikitree.
I'm looking forward to learning from this group - Thanks a bunch for starting it.

well, I just wrote and it says had a problem completing this action, will try later. Thanks to those who made this site possible.

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If you made the decision to de-clutter your life for the New Year, start here.

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What a great way to broadcast Google Hangouts to the world.

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JC & I
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