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Trying to decide what to do with anti-virus. Reluctant to give Mcafee more money because their 'free' vaio cover is 50x a day nagware.
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Microsoft's Security Essentials is great, and totally free (if you're not already using it)
Best of all, McAfee would bitch about that too. I'm glad to be rid of that! :D I might stick with Security Essentials for a bit, maybe go with Eset later.
I stick with MSE. All the other free options have either missed trojans for me or have some performance issue.
if your running W7 just don't use an AV, if your worried about threats, format or re-image your HDD every month, it takes 30 seconds and is much better than the speed decrease of any AV. If your the really paranoid type, use Microsofts new (free) AV that comes built into windows along with their monthly male-ware removal tool. (works wonders even know it's not needed). However, if you use XP, I highly recommend using an AV anyway as XP is extremely vulnerable to attack.
Recommending people to reformat their hard-drive (in '30 seconds') is perhaps the most insulting bit of tech advice I've ever had. :) Win 7 does seem pretty solid, so I'm riding with just MSE for the time being.
+Hayden Scott-Baron I'm in the tech industry and know a lot of people in the tech industry. Most people I know in the tech industry including myself do not use AV software, we re-image our primary drives once a month, I suggested formatting because most people are not savy enough to setup their own imaging system. Re-formating your primary drive and re-installing the OS is 1 of the only 2 ways to guarantee virus free computing. Most AV software does not remove viruses, but instead just informs you that you have them. Even if your AV software DOES remove viruses, the AV companies only know of 10% of the viruses currently on the net, so your computer WILL be infected, period, and there is nothing you can do to stop it except erase the viruses, hence formatting. There are very easy ways to format without losing any information, it takes 10 minutes, or 30 seconds to image if you have that setup. It will probably be the best tech advice that you will ever get that you will also probably not follow.
+Andy Moore I said 10 minutes to reformat and install the OS, and I think you may have missed the part where I said "RE-format" as in, the drive has been formatted before. A "non-quick" format is meant only for drives that are brand new and have never been formated. Always use a quick-format on drives that have previously been used or your wasting those "Hours" of your life away doing something that doesn't need to be done. As for the OS, W7 installs from a USB stick in about 5 minutes, add on another 5 minutes for installing drivers. It's very fast if you don't use XP (30 minutes). If your RE-IMAGING your drive, it takes 30 seconds, this requires an image setup prior to doing it obviously, but that can be setup in a matter of minutes and only neeeds to be done once per 12 re-images(once a year). Please read before you start shouting question marks at me like you don't know what i'm talking about since you didn't even read what I said.
Yeah, windows 7 can be installed pdq these days and imaging is even faster. 
Thanks +Craig Marsden , nice to see someone else who actually knows what they're talking about.

Back on topic though and excuse the analogy, but the only way to remove the infection is with napalm because even with the military on the job(congesting traffic I might add) tons of infected slip by.

Edit: Unless this is the 2001 flick Evolution.. then I guess it would make the infection spread rapidly and almost destroy the earth.
I have installed Windows 7 on two machine from DVD - it took about 25 minutes each time and required minimal intervention - the least painful Windows install ever for me.
+Andy Moore Ohh, sorry then I was mistaken :) W7 should only reboot twice on installation, once after it's installed and then once after it takes in your personal settings.(After installation you should be rebooting a 3rd time after installing ALL drivers and updates, don't reboot for every driver, just install them all and then reboot once) Assuming you have a USB stick with all of your drivers already on it and ready to go, it should take about 5 minutes to install them all, probably less if you have less specialized hardware, if you don't and have to get them from the net, then yes it may take slightly longer. Discs will always be slower, i recommend using a USB stick, it can't be scratched either :) USB data transfer rates are MUCH faster than disc, the longest part of installation is moving all the files from the disc or USB stick to the hard drive itself. (The hard drive speed and data transfer type also affects installation speed). Not everyone is going to install it in exactly 10 minutes, but my point in all this is it really doesn't take all that long, if you do it once a month you will have to take a small amount of time out of your day to format and then you will have a clean PC for another month. If you don't want to do it that often, do it every 3 months, it will still keep your PC cleaner than any AV would.

And again, if you really don't like the wait and the installation of drivers, learn about imaging. It LITERALLY takes 30 seconds or less to re-image your drive, and all drivers and software comes "pre-installed" so there is no setup time after that. The only thing about imaging your drive is that you do need to go through the re-format process a single time at the beginning. This is the initial setup to ensure your drive is clean and everything is setup the way you want. (No point in re-imaging your drive with an image that is already infected right?)

It's a very simple procedure and it's worth it for the speed increase you will see while not using an AV.
Another vote for MSE, it's a solid product. And since MS already got your money for Win7 they won't nag you like so many other free products ("oh, there's a new major revision out, you need to go install it manually. But first, good luck finding the download for the free version").
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