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Happy vegetarian Thanksgiving! 

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Very interesting chart on food cravings -- and the healthy alternatives you can have instead.  Thanks, +Salene Schaffer for finding and posting this.

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Interesting article on Harvard's experiment to try to make business school more "gender neutral."  Gotta say no one comes out looking great here, although there's a lot of well-intended effort.

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"Death by differentiation" sounds wrong to this long-time product manager.  But the guy makes a good case for why cell phone manufacturers have been differentiating on the wrong things.
Hint: It has nothing to do with any particular spec or feature.

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Interesting take on "social" from my friend and ex-colleague +Dan Rasmus.  Love this example:  
"Take for example 7-Eleven, a company that implemented enterprise social networking with no idea as to it eventual use. It languished for months until 7/11/2011, during the company's birthday celebration, when franchise managers started sharing merchandizing practices. The managers haven't stopped talking to each other. "

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Are you a map person?  40 cool maps to help make sense of our world and  the people in it.  Enjoy.

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The Ad Contrarian with another great post about the likelihood that ad agencies will be Big Data providers.  Makes sense to me.

Five Stages of a Global Marketing Consolidation
1.  All the creative (and therefore nonconforming) people are fired.
2.  All the most productive people are laid off for "efficiency reasons."
3.  All the political people get promoted.
4.  All the collateral, web sites, and other marketing materials are redeveloped "for consistency."
5.  All the product units start to build their own stealth marketing units.

Thinking of you, Microsoft....

Dear Google:  You are sucking today.  Logged me out of email and then made me relog into every app (apparently, apps can deny access if I'm logged out, but can't automatically detect that I've logged in again).  Alerts are spinning but don't respond unless I'm in Google+.  Come on.  Get with the basics.

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My husband makes longing noises about the Tesla every so often.  This is for him.  The discussion about finding a charging station that was 1) available 2) had the right adapter (who knew that cars needed adapters?) and 3) could deliver more than 25 miles worth of electricity in an hour is indeed a cautionary tale.
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