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Sarah Morice-Brubaker
Religion Dispatches, Phillips Theological Seminary
Religion Dispatches, Phillips Theological Seminary

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I won candy on the #googlebirthday doodle! Score: 93

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Aw, right! I have Google+ still.

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Google+ ahoy! PTS has a Google+ business page.

(peeks between fingers) Are there any heartbreaking dead tiger pictures over here? No? Okay. Whew. Someone tell me when Facebook is heartbreaking-dead-tiger-picture-free.

Hey, internet public, can you help me gather some anecdata for work? I'd love to hear from people who teach online, and what they think of the learning management system they use -- Blackboard, Desire2Learn, Canvas, Epsilen, etc. What works? What doesn't? What do you like? Have you used more than one system such that you can make comparisons? Since this helps me out, I'll even show my thanks tangibly: One lucky respondent, chosen at random, and provided they're willing to share a mailing address, will get... a tacky piece of Tulsa-themed kitsch!

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I want a job writing headlines for National Geographic.

Oh. I see that the next movie in our Netflix queue is one of those Gee-I-wish-I-were-the-sort-of-person-who-watched-arty-cerebral-movies movies. When will I stop pretending?

Mystery of the White Powder, Part 3: Huzzah! The TU chemist lady emailed back and said that she and the department would be glad to run tests on the mysterious substance. I feel like singing the theme to The Bloodhound Gang!

The Mystery of the White Powder, Continued: I've emailed someone in the chemistry department at University of Tulsa, per +Lynne Elkins 's suggestion. (Well, Lynne actually suggested contacting someone in the geology department; but the chemistry department had someone who was close to my age and with whom I might know some people in common, so I went with her to start.) If I manage not to scare this lady, while also getting her curious enough to want to test the substance, then I am some kind of email magician and will never doubt my writing ability again! (Just kidding. Of course I will.)
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