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Version 1.8 beta uploaded to the beta stream.

- Flip tile has been added
- Widget tiles now cause less lag during fly in animation

Work in progress, the tile editor will look messed up when you select flip drawable. You can't adjust the flip speed. Tile touch animation is pivoted incorrectly. Edit buttons in flip drawabe editor do not work. And lots of other funny issues.

However, you can select freely which drawables are flipped, and you can select what each side does.
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Version 1.7 of L8 published!

- You can now choose how many widget pages will be available. So set it to zero if you want them to go away. Three is still the maximum.
- Bitmap buffering-option added to the settings. This will allow certain tiles to use bitmap buffers which increases the drawing speed at the expense of the memory usage. It will also make fly animation in 4.3 slightly more bearable, however it is not possible to make fly to work properly in 4.3.
- Nasty "not responding" errors hopefully fixed. Some long-running things were incorrectly being run in the main thread and they are now moved into low-priority background thread.
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L8, version 1.6 published.
- Font scaling in HDPI devices fixed, fonts should now be back to the original intended size. 
- MissedIT integration. L8 should now be able to pick tile counters from MissedIT.
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Version 1.5b now published. Contains following fixes:
- (was included in 1.5a) Mail service should no longer crash L8 in 2.1. Mail won't work in 2.1 though
- nasty crash in first run-dialog fixed
- Tile editor now shows drawable name and type instead of id and name
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L8, Version 1.5 published
- Backup/restore has arrived... finally
- Setting fly animation duration to zero disables the animation completely
- Incorrect font sizes in MDPI (or lower) devices fixed.
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And 1.4b is available almost immediately after 1.4a. Mail polling should now resume after you reboot your phone. Stupid timer was persisted and it starts from zero after reboot. Oops.
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Small bugfixes published as version 1.4a. Especially it should fix the crash when application list is removing animations from the items.
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Version 1.4 of L8 is now published to market.

Mail counter has been added!
- go to L8 settings -> mail accounts and add your mail account
- once account is up, you can create a mail drawable, and assign the account (or multiple accounts) to the drawable and it will then track the count of unread messages
- counter remembers what messages it has seen. Clicking tile will reset the counter to zero.
- Small help section for giving short instructions for most basic usage has been added to L8 settings
- 12 hour time format has been fixed for clock tile
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After a long while I'm about to push new beta out for L8. Mail tile will appear alongside with some fixes, most notably the nasty bug with widget placement is now fixed.
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L8, version 1.3 has been released.

Widget screen has been completely redesigned and it is now much nicer to use. And you can now pin any widget from widget screen to your home screen. However, note that if you remove the pinned widget from widget screen, it will also disappear from the home screen.

There is a new setting which allows you to force widget screen background to be always black. Useful especially if you use white background.

Tile editor is now uses single page layout, preview page has been removed. It has been problematic from the start and it is better to be without it.
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