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Jeremy Foote
PhD Student at Northwestern University, studying Media, Technology, and Society
PhD Student at Northwestern University, studying Media, Technology, and Society

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Reading +Peter Norvig's code is an aesthetic experience. Usually, code obfuscates what is happening, and comments help explain what's going on. Norvig codes so beautifully that the code actually makes the concepts clearer.

He is the poet of Python.

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Why we should probably trust computational analyses less than p-values suggest.

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There is a bunch, I mean a TON, of free music right now on +Google Play. Go grab it with your super smart phones or computers... 
The Very Best Movie Music Of Elvis Presley
The Very Best Gospel Of Elvis Presley
Simon and Garfunkel's Greatest Hits
The Very Best Of Destiny's Child
The Very Best Of Britney Spears
The Very Best Johnny Cash Duets
The Very Best Gospel Of Johnny Cash
The Very Best Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash
The Very Best Of Frank Sinatra
The Very Best Of Bill Withers
The Very Best Of Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson
The Very Best Gospel of Willie Nelson
The Very Best Of Sam Cooke
The Very Best Of Roy Orbison
The Very Best Of Tony Bennett
The Very Best Of Incubus
The Very Best Of Nas
The Very Best Of 311
The Very Best Of Sly & The Family Stone
The Very Best Of Three 6 Mafia
#googlemusic   #free   #freemusic   #deal   #freebiefriday   #freebies  

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This is a fantastic talk, with some great thoughts about what the future of social science could look like.

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Some ideas about self-driving cars and decentralized vs. centralized systems.

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Had a great time with the kids at the museums yesterday. 

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Super cool

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I usually access my Google Drive documents using the Recent view, but now that Google+ photos is integrated with Drive, it is totally cluttered with photos, making it very difficult to find the documents I want to work on.

Is there a way to
1. Hide photos from the recent view
2. Unlink Google+ photos and drive

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