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What are rules that you change for your games?

I never understood why powers need a full level up while spells can be changed around at the beginning of every day, so I made it so powers work like spells in that regard.

Also when calculating AC/PD/MD, I allow the three attributes to be selected by the player. This makes it so that classes that benefit from DEX/WIS are not more OP than other classes, especially the STR based one.

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So after working on the Bound (and doing a fair chunk on my next class idea) I decided to go crack out some more monsters. I felt like fleshing out the Crusade for a bit, so I decided to give the Crusader three villainous knights for his spiked round table.

Also I have a couple idea for a few more groups of monsters to crack out over the next few weeks, but I'm having trouble deciding.

1. The Dark Elves, Draven, the Engineers and Soldiers of the Elven Triarchy
2. What remains of the Golden Order, the eyes and hands of the Great Gold Wyrm
3. The many forces of the Dragon Imperium, forever sworn to uphold the name of their Emperor Xerxes.

I'm running a poll on other sites so this time next week I'll pick the winner and get to work!

As always, feedback is appreciated.

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I just want to say that the 13th Age subreddit needs some love. Reddit is one of the biggest social sites out there. I mean everyone has heard of it. The subreddit there has been a virtual ghost town for the entirety of its existence.

I think it has come under new management, because it recently got a facelift (it used to have a default style), and weekly discussion threads are popping up. But activity is still really slow.

If you post something here, if applicable, post it on the subreddit! One big deterrent to someone playing 13th Age, I feel, is that the subreddit is in a zombie state. Let's put a Revive Dead spell on it.

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Can you control the source of your power, or will you become enslaved to it? Meet the Bound, a new spell casting class! Feedback is always appreciated.

So I just set the date for my first game with my new group! I'm excited! What are some things that you do to prepare for your first game as a GM?

I plan on doing a one-shot to prepare everybody for 13th Age, and as a way to just have fun right from minute 1. If we have time, we'll do character generation.

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I'm baaaaack! Moved to Wisconsin, so I haven't had time to make monsters. But with the release of Dark Souls III, and with the whole moving event more or less done, I getting back into the monster designing thing with a vengeance.

Here are 5 Dark Souls inspired monsters for you to use in your campaigns. First draft, so very rough, and probably OP.

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Hey guys, just moved into Wisconsin and looking to get a group started in the Milwaukee area. 

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Behold the Ctholin! This monster blocks a percentage of all damage dealt to him, makes any power or spell more difficult to execute, and can inflict damage on you whenever you do ANYTHING. Who's up for the challange?

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I'll be trying to do 2 new monsters every week - or one every 3 days. Start off with the Ingressian, a living machine that was crafted in a forgotten Age. It is a living portal, and from it spawns all sorts of devices to challenge the foolish adventurer.

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After way too long, I'm getting another 13th Age group together again! Which means its time I get around to updating my 13th Age site.

I'm picking up with Factions, adding a whole bunch of Imperial, Dwarf and Interracial factions to influence the Dragon Empire. I'm still brainstorming factions for the Elves.

Check it out!
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