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Red-eyed flier.
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+janice noske Why did you place an en dash before the one? Are you ending with one without knowing where you began?
+Andy Couch because that's how you indicate a minus when you don't have a math-based font, or appropriate math glyphs in the alpha-numeric font. #typesettingtips  
it's acceptable for general usage i suppose, but the en dash is closer to what a real minus/negative sign looks like.
+janice noske While that might be true for print, I think it's pretty understood that the hypen is the commonly used character in computing.  However, a true minus (−1) does look better than either a hypen (-1) or an en dash (–1).
+Andy Couch I assume you used html for the minus. i don't have that memorized for internet commenting.
+janice noske Not HTML, but Unicode. It's in the "Special Characters..." dialog, which is ⌥⌘T in most Mac applications. 
Nothing I use on any device displays them, so that was helpful. I think.
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