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Jonathan Fearn Badillo
Engineer, Software Developer, Glass Explorer Team Charcoal, Avid Reader, General Nerd
Engineer, Software Developer, Glass Explorer Team Charcoal, Avid Reader, General Nerd

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Has anyone made a hack of Dungeon World that gets rid of redundant randomness (rolling both for miss, hit, better hit AND effect/damage)?

Are Might, Reach, Structure, and Ideology meant to be stats for factions, or just questions that should be answered?

E.g. (making up off the top of my head)

Super Space Squadrons faction:
- Might: SSS are trans stellar military force. Their force strength ranges from detached destroys to cruiser squadrons to full walls of battle.
- Reach: SSS are all over, it is rare for a system to not at least have a visit from the SSS once a quarter.
- Structure: Military hierarchy
- Ideology: Trope-ishly "Good guys."

Any familiar with Fantasy Grounds want to run a tutorial for the rest of us (especially me? :D ).

I think it would be best to run a Google Hangout to make sure people can talk (and get help) while trying to connect and get things working.

I am sure it would count as Preceptor of Oghma.

Plus I am sure anyone that helped with this would make connections for getting tapped first to be a playing in future Fantasy Grounds games. (Was that too obvious?)

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I made a spreadsheet for tracking accrued DM rewards and noting which PC the rewards are applied to.

The example row shows the expression to use to utilize auto-calculating normal DM rewards by Average Party Level (including a way to handle multipliers).

If you are "pre-filling it out" you can put "Unearned" in the first column (Claimed By Character) to not have it count hours towards Dedicated DM.

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Write 10 reviews, get 10 renown and 2 secret missions? Sure.


Previously posted this with the wrong account.
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+Robert Adducci

How often are there open calls for adventure submissions (looks like the last one closed up 2 years ago)?

I am away from my SCAG, is Enlil on the deity list? He basically became the patron of the Dragonborn in Ashes of the Tyrant and seemed like the perfect patron for a Dragonborn paladin or cleric.

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+Erin Badillo tricked me into donating to her total for the team donation. So I need your help to catch up and surpass her fundraising amount. Can you throw $15 my way? No? How about $14.99?
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