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I took a ski up to the summit of Mount Spokane the other day and made this image. Winter has been very mild here in Spokane lately! Thanks for looking. Chip
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What a great photo! I love the way the highlighted snow in the foreground draws the eyes back to the trees. I would love to be there right now!
Beautiful shot. That light is gorgeous.
awesome lightning and composition!
Love the color, but I think the textures/patterns in the foreground are what make this image work so well!
Oh and for my second comment, I have to agree with Jeremy. So much photo jealousy at this point...
Es como una ensoñación ¡ increíble! gracias
amazing sculpted wintery beauty!
Your landscapes are truly beautiful. You've made such a warm inviting image on a cold winter day. Amazing!
Get the f out! I'm with Pyles aka +Jamey Pyles!! You've got swirlicious in the foreground to match the sky, stop it Chip! :)
Great lighting Chip, and the patterns in that foreground snow are something else!
incredible shot! The last tree on the right looks like a poodle sitting on its rear legs =D
świetne kolory, kadr, kompozycja! gratuluję!
Emma P
El maravilloso lenguaje del invierno....!!!!Lindo...!!!!
when i look at this image i see sand dunes and the dust clouds risen by some racing car passing by. I've looked at it in several different occasions and the first thought is always the sand dunes... What can i do?
OMG! Such beautiful warm colors in such freezing cold temperatures. I like the wind effects on the snow. Fabulous!
All of your photos are simply wonderful +Chip Phillips. You really quickly become one of my top five photographers!
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