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Learn about Kenya. The Tourism | Trade | Investment | Our People and Much More
Learn about Kenya. The Tourism | Trade | Investment | Our People and Much More

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We're all back home in Kenya now after an amazing London 2012 games. The competition was tough, it gets tougher for all the country teams with each Olympics. We're very proud of #teamkenya  +Kenya Olympics.

Now...stay with +Kenya House  as we continue to ask and answer the questions everyone has on their lips about Kenya. Also - let us know your thoughts and hopes for the future of our beautiful country!

Technology is not on our side today - we are unable to launch this hangout from the streets - but please post your messages on this page and support the athletes ...

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Hanging out with #teamkenya 's first female Boxer - Elizabeth Andiego 
Citizen TV Kenya hung out with 3 people. #hangoutsonairKenya House, Annie Goss, and Rosemary Momanyi

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Guess who will be joining us at +Kenya House today ...David Rudisha!! the new 800m World Record holder. He will be going live between 2pm and 4 pm EAT ... follow +Citizen TV Kenya for a chance to participate. 

Boooom!!! David Rudisha - Pride of Kenya! New world record in the 800m!

Some very, very special guests will be joining at +Kenya House soon! Our Prime Minister Raila Odinga and David Rudisha! A great Hangout where we'll talk to them both is coming up on +Citizen TV Kenya - we'll be there - will you?

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Take a look at yesterday's Hangout on promoting tourism in Kenya :)
Citizen TV Kenya . hung out with 2 people. #hangoutsonairKenya House . and gemma young

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So proud of our Kenyan Brothers. Thanks for joining us at +Kenya House today David and +Jason Dunford 

The Dunford Brothers have joined us at +Kenya House - we're trying to organise a Hangout soon - watch this space to join!

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A discussion on Kenyan Heritage and Culture Live Now from +Kenya House 
Citizen TV Kenya . is hanging out with 2 people right now in a live Hangout On Air! #hangoutsonairNational Museums of Kenya . and Kenya House .
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