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Guess what, folks, I'm not one to whine, especially electronically, but I feel horrible. There is nothing that I know of I can do about it. I'm struggling with being exhausted, not being able to remain focused on anything or remembering how to spell simple, every-day words. I constantly use spell-check. My most recent diagnosis is hypo-thyroid disorder, which is hereditary. The memory loss I've been dealing with since 2010, since I went back on Zoloft. The all-out fatigue came about last summer. I have to work extra hard just to take a shower or go someplace. I'm usually feeling physically weak, despite mild exercise. I was just out taking photos, and the thrill of doing what I love accompanied with being so tired I was ready to let the damp, pearcing wind knock me over was tempting. I'm taking synthroid for my thyroid disorder and will go for a cbc soon to see if I'm on enough. It is very hard for me to adjust to any medication. I've been told that is common for autistic people as their overall biology is entirely different. I'm a classic case of why Pat Quinn, the Gov. of IL needs to save Medicaid and all supports for people with disabilities. I couldn't work to save my eternal soul. I cannot bank on my biology on a regular basis. I never forget that there is no real law to protect the vulnerable, just the streets or the jails after the support is gone. Balance that budget another way, Mr. Governor or people will die, some of them in horrible places.