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Please listen to others who present Autistically as similar to Martin, people like Barb Rentenbach, Tracy Thresher, Ido Kedar, Peyton Goddard, Tito Mukhopadhyay, the list is endless and the only difference from the people I've just listed and Martin is that all of them have found a way to communicate through writing and Martin has not…   
Watch the Walmart clip & you know what it's like to be me in public...w/o my ear protection. I do still experience sensory overload sometimes, despite the protection. The information coming at me is simply too much.
Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) describes a complex group of brain development disorders characterized by difficulties in social interaction, communication and behavior. Watch... Listen to these 5 Autism Simulations to YOU experience sensory overload. 
Attitudes toward autism spectrum disorder are often misguided. These sensory simulations from autistic individuals and game developers help us understand.
OMG, Jimmy Fallon & Co. do it again! 

Allison K.

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How fabulously funny and highly creative! I am sure that took a lot of hours of editing! Keep them coming! Loved "Gin & Juice" on NBC Nightly News.
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This poem hits home! It must be very confusing to feel this way! I LOVE YOU so much my beautiful, wonderful Son! 

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I think the History of Rap videos (esp. Pt. 5) are the best! Brian Williams rapping to "Rapper's Delight" is too funny. I have a new suggestion: Get Anderson Cooper on the show and/or get licencing permission from CNN to do a cut of him rapping. You could even do different news anchors in a rap-off contest. I appreciate the creative minds behind this.

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I saw this when it aired! How do these creative minds do all of this? Next project: Anderson Cooper "Ice Ice Baby" remix!

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I have a suggestion: something starring Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper!
Have them in circles
244 people
None as my area won't invest in employing and accommodating an intelligent, creative woman despite being disabled with AS & SPD.
Some very basic self-taught photography
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    Cat Sitter, 2012 - 2012
    I babysat 2 cats as a summer job in 2012. I worked at home for a year from 2000-2001 assembling basic parts as part of a sheltered workshop program.
I'm a woman with Asperger's Syndrome. I enjoy nature photography and blogging about life on the spectrum.
I am a 30 something woman living with autism spectrum disorder & sensory issues. I blog via personal life experience about my experiences with the condition. I am not looking for romance. I don't Twitter, Facebook or Chat. I'm strictly on Google+ to help those on the spectrum and promote my photography. I appreciate your visit. God bless!
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Amateur nature photographer & autism blogger. Featured on Broken Light Photography Collective & MAAP Newsletter
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