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Note that this is stats for last year. We won't have stats for this year until this time next year, but I would bet the balance of my bank account that they're worse. Also, sure is convenient these stats were released after the election. Wouldn't want to influence anything.

Hey, folks. Given recent events, I may have to start talking about politics on here. If I do, the posts will be in this collection. They will probably also be public, because I'm a huge idiot and continue to believe in the usefulness of getting into arguments with strangers on the internet.

This post has two purposes: the first is to make it obliquely known that I am extremely displeased. The second is to give you an opportunity to unfollow this collection before I actually post anything to it. I might never post anything to it! I'm still reflecting. But it seems likely to me that when I'm done thinking I will have decided I have a responsibility to talk and to listen, so if you wanna opt out of that thing, I'm giving you the option now.

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If you are in or near the Hudson Valley, and you are or have or know someone who has teenagers, Wayfinder is running a pretty awesome event in two weeks you should check out. We'll be running a game of mine from a couple years back, Desert of the Endless Now. If you like reading, here's a piece of the world background:

The desert has no name. For the nomads who dwell there, it is simply the world, all-encompassing, ever-changing. Each day they arise, with nothing in their minds but their names and their singular story. Intuitively, they understand the skills they possess and the roles they will choose to fill, the ways in which they will help their clan-family to surpass the challenges that the world throws in front of them, the hard-earned tools and magics that enable them to survive.

No one knows how long they have lived this way, or why, although the oldest stories say that they chose it. At the end of each day, before they go to sleep, they stare at the beauty of the stars in the skies and smile. A day well lived.

In the morning, all memory will be gone, save for their own names, some lingering affection for those around them, and the singular story that each member of the clan can remember. Children have no stories, and it is on the day that a child tells a story—something remembered—that he or she ceases to be a child, and becomes a full member of the tribe.

Warriors awake with their hunting gear, and those who speak magic with their spells. The day is never boring, never easy, never without tiny flecks of joy and sadness. The sun beats down, or doesn’t: on one day in a thousand, it rains, and they react with a kind of half-remembered joy.

Whatever brought them here, whatever made this place, it sleeps, just below the surface, like a giant buried in the sand. Perhaps they are its dreams.

One of those introductory posts that's drifting around because it's circlin' season:

Hi, I'm Zach. I have a job involving lasers and way too much driving. I like to play and run RPGs, and use Google Plus as a way to do so and stay sane while living on the road.

I rarely post, but when I do it's probably either notes about FLAILSNAILS games, mechanics or setting details for my setting Vértique that should probably really be on a blog somewhere, or more abstract musing about games.

So throw me in your RPG circles, and maybe I'll see you in a game sometime.

We need one more for a Warlords of Vornheim session right now! +Zak Smith is running. Three on three intense arena PVP, FLAILSNAILS. Good way to generate a new character.  Any takers?

Name changed. Still my real name; the Zachary just felt too formal, like my grandmother was reading everything on g+ to me. Not so good.

I would like this to be a thing, instead of Facebook, I think.

Really, I would like anything but Facebook to be a thing.
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