Let's help connect those in need of others to connect with.

+Hangout Caregivers is a community hoping to use Hangouts to improve the quality of life for those otherwise limited.

Thanks +Chris Lang +Margie D Casados +Michaela Murphy for your compassion. I can't wait to see where this leads :)
The Hangout Caregivers Project

As a community with Family, Friends, and Loved Ones, we can make a positive difference in peoples lives via Hangouts.

And build a connection to the outside world for the elderly, and people who are physically limited.

To help and improve their quality of life by bringing Family and Friends to them via Hangouts, where they can socialize, and engage in conversation and participate.


Because of the wonderful response I thought I would share from the original post what got this ball rolling..

This is what Chris shared on his original post that prompt me to create this page:

Bringing Hangouts To Those Who Need It Most - The Elderly, The Sick and The Ones We Love Most

Please Read, Please Reshare

Margie, and I have been talking about this for almost a year now. She wants to put together a network of Google+ users that will give of their time to help the people that need it most to reconnect with the outside world.

Her mother died a slow death due to Parkinson's. She cared for her to the end herself. My mother became unable to care for herself after a stroke. I cared for her for over 3 years, I know what it takes.

But if our loved ones in these last years of their life could just TALK to another human being from their own frame of reference, you know, from their generation, it would SO change their quality of life.

Or be able to see Christmas morning, birthdays, actually see the joy on the face of grandchildren opening presents. Or presents they sent making smiles.

SO, I have no idea how to do this, BUT I KNOW +Margie D Casados sees this as her chance to use our social media skills to help others.

I am going to kick this off with the hashtag #hangoutcaregivers

What Brought This On?

A man on my email newsletter list emailed me asking for a link to the recording of my Google Analytics webinars. He cares full time for a man that has had a stroke and is now blind. It reminded me of my Mom and how she went from an independent strong woman of 63, to someone who had to depend on me. (in ways i can't describe)

So, as I am about to see 26,000 G+ followers I want to help Margie realize her dream of what she could not do for her mother and desperately wants to do for others to honor her Mother.

My commitment is to share everything Margie directs me too, and since I love Margie very much, and in memory of my own mother, I encourage you to hashtag all your posts with #hangoutcaregivers and figure out how to bring the outside world that we take for granted to those that deserve it most.

Please connect with +Margie D Casados and let those of us fortunate to have large followings on G+ spread the word and support your efforts.

- Chris
And this was my response to Chris's post:

You are not alone...

This morning I woke up to see +Chris Lang 's post and was deeply moved.
I have a dream but I'm hoping this is a dream for many. That we can build a community for people who can have access to their loved ones via Google+ Hangouts.
I just not talking just support but a community were there is social interests, events, gaming, educating in various ways via healing, and conversation. A sharing of sincerity.

I can only describe from my own experience what it was like for my Mother. She was a person who had many friends and she loved to play bingo.
I remember the look of frustration when she was limited physically and truly wanted to be active. She wanted to visit with her friends, and because of her illness and the physical pain she was unable to.
My Mother very much inspires me, she would ask me to tell her story.. I think that was her way of contributing by sharing her story, and to some how through sharing her story it would help others.

She was so giving and kind, she loved people. She loved people so much that she donated her body to science to find a cure for Parkinson's.

My Mother moves me to this day.. and even tho she did not benefit from Google Hangouts... I am hoping others will and that this will eliminate the loneliness that one feels when they are in similar circumstances.

So from my heart to yours.. I am hoping that this becomes a reality, that loved ones in situations such as my Mom can still be social via Google+ hangouts and Google+. :) The post below shares some steps to take action:)
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