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I'm a registered, lifelong Democrat, and will say that some of the comments left in support of taking refugees under the current system - with no additional scrutinizing - sound like they were left by 10 year olds.  They're mean juvenile and spirited, skirting legitimate concerns. "Ooh afraid of terrorists? Look under your bed!"

This is not a "Republican" issue. Fifty Democrats supported the recently passed bill too, a bill which does NOT ban Syrians from entering, but asks for better handling of the process. The Democrat mayor of Boston supports this, but protesters go of course to the Republican governor. French authorities have now determined that a 2nd Paris attacker came in as a refugee as well.

It's sad that calls for caution get met with accusations of racism. It's sad that genuinely compassionate people who welcome refugees AND care about their homeland too are being accused of being bad people, Gov. Baker for example. Those of us on the "left" are JUST as capable as those on the right of being arrogant, intolerant, and smug. Demonstrators, many of them, are more concerned with THEIR feelings = with being "right" -  and with bashing their "enemy" than anything else.

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100 years ago, immigrants coming to America ADAPTED, learning English, adopting local customs, while continuing to celebrate their NATIVE cultures at home, in places of worship, in schools, at street fairs, etc. Germans for example didn't emigrate to Maine, and speak German and wear lederhosen on Main st. forever. The Somalis have been in the U.S. for several years now, and they still live and act as if they were in Somali. They have no NEED to adapt, because they're given everything necessary to assure that they don't. They've set up a parallel, native culture beside that of their host country. When white Europeans did this in Asia and Africa  in the 19th century, they were called COLONIZERS, not "immigrants". All should be welcomed to America, but "separate but equal" - choosing to live in permanent ghettos - flies in the face of everything that America stands for.

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Re: "Seeing these Dutch masters plotting with their globe and their greedy aspirations...."  Two things: first, why do you equate Dutch 17th century creativity, enterprise, etc. with greed? These things gave us great art, among other things. Secondly, the globe in the painting is a celestial globe used in astronomy, not a terrestrial globe. Perhaps they are plotting to send East India Company rockets into space and take over the solar system?

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Beautiful building and grounds, but I don't understand this: "Everything was found or bought new for the castle, which is now full of period pieces with interesting histories." "Period pieces"? Where? The rooms are full of contemporary pieces, nice looking (not my cup of tea) but I see little in the way of furnishings that speak of past centuries. Am not suggesting that this lucky family live in a "museum", but did expect to see things that spoke of the past.
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