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Don Mashak

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“#DOC 2nd Declaration of Causes-1st Rough Draft 5/17/2015 #millennials #Boomers #Teen #GOP #P2”
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Don Mashak

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Some talk the talk,I walk the walk. What is the point in going to a political meeting if U R afraid to speak the truth... Get a pair already
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Don Mashak

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Don Mashak

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Hey #Millennials & #Teens: Do  you think it will be easier to reign in our rogue govt ALONE in 20yrs or NOW w/ the help of the #babyboomers?
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Don Mashak

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Is there a better idea? How about stop voting for either party and stop the nonsense.
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Born, Survived Public School, Graduated College, a few meaningless jobs, Entrepreneur, Political Activist.  Cynical Patriot

In my youth i was an optimistic, romantic idealist; now older, I am a pragmatic realist,  Politically I am fiscally conservative and socially moderate.

I am interested in sharing original thoughts on the politics of America. I follow, friend and circle those of all political persuasions. Don't bother to follow, friend or circle me if you just want to spew political party propaganda and dogma.

If you want to know more about my personal political philosophy please read the following:

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