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I Love All Things Leah Day!
In October 2013, in my 14th post, I wrote my first " 'Ode' to Leah " post, and here I am, just over 6 months later, writing another. Why? 1.   Well, I just now grabbed Leah's FMQ button! And this is important because I JUST figured out within the past week ...

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Dogwood Revisited
Ha ha, as I typed that title, which was supposed to be "Dogwood Two", but this one popped from my head to my fingers in a blink, I thought of "Brideshead Revisited", and THAT dates me...not that I was old enough to watch it.  I'm grabbing at straws here, I ...

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Beginnings of another Dogwood Quilt
First off, I have to say to anyone who is like I was, afraid to link up with other blog parties, just do it!  You meet so many wonderful people, and those connections are what fuels our passion, and feeds my soul.  Maybe if we could get our politicians to A...

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Tribute to Flowering Dogwood - Finished!
Woot!  Woot!  I started cutting the purples for this quilt last Sunday, 8 days ago, and today it is done!!  If I hadn't spent an hour last night trying to figure (with no success, I might add) how to NOT be a "no-reply blogger", it most likely would have be...

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"Ode" top is Done!
Finished the top.  Had high hopes of getting it onto my Avanté today, but I whiled away some of the afternoon, catching up on email, thank yous, updates, etc. So, here it is! And I just love it!  I thought the pale grey might be a little flat, but I think i...

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Ode to Flowering Dogwood
Cynthia says to name my Scrap-a-Palooza quilt, just to give it parameters, so that is what I've done, not sure if I'll keep that name, or maybe change the "ode" to "tribute" hmmm. I'm LOVING it!  And I want to make another already, in pinks and greens!  Ooo...

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My First Quilt Along!
And it's Cynthia's Scrap-a-palooza on Quilting is More Fun Than Housework . And....drumrollllll......!! Yesterday's Colour! post was my 100th post!!  I only realized that when I opened Blogger this evening!  I'm pretty proud of that.  I'm also all "pshaw" b...

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Well, sadly, there's not as much of it as usual here in Kingsville, Ontario, due to the worst winter in recorded history in this area. Green grass, some buds on a few trees, blue, blue Lake Erie.  April 19, 2014 However, I captured quite a show from Mother ...

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Guest Post!!
Warning:   bad language in this post. I’ve tried to convince my husband that he should have his
own blog.   He has got such dry wit,
he is very well-informed (from non-mainstream news sources), and consequently
has rather unorthodox but valid, as well as ve...

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Pit Bull Love
Note:  I apologize for the varying fonts in the text of this post.  I wrote the bulk of this on my laptop in the SUV while we travelled, and then copied and pasted it into Blogger.  I cannot seem to format the font to be unified. Dayna has long bugged me to...
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