Here's the second presentation from our Better Builds meetup on 27th of June, by +Christopher Orr. Chris gave a great talk how you can build better Android apps by leveraging the Jenkins continuous integration  engine and the Android emulator plugin. The presentation goes through the steps of building, testing and deploying your apps, mixed in with some nice tips and tricks, and the invention of some new terms like "spoonjobs" along the way :) Thanks Chris for the excellent presentation!

Like we mentioned, this is the 2nd presentation: the first one on Proguard by Eric Lafortune was published last week too, and you can find that one here: DutchAUG - Better Builds: Eric Lafortune on Proguard and Dexguard

We hope you enjoy the talks and hope to see you soon at one of our meetups! Go to to read all about those and sign up if you aren't a member of our meetup group yet.
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