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Love Letters 7.10
The story of boy, his family, and their journey to a naturally simple life.
The story of boy, his family, and their journey to a naturally simple life.

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Big News!
I've thought about writing this post over the last few years. I've thought about the gifs I would use and the way it would feel and what an arrival it would be. I daydreamed and nightdreamed and hoped and wrote the best book I could. And guys, it's even bet...

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Book Review: In Bloom
New Adult (NA) is really big right now. It's been hit or miss for me. I've heard NA called "YA with sex." And since I'm not a huge fan of gratuitious sex in fiction, I haven't really delved into much NA. IN BLOOM is a breath of fresh air. Debut author Katie...

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Writing and Elsewhere Blogs
You know I write for YAvengers , right? Right. It's proof that I'm still writing, just not so much here. I'm frantically trying to finish my novel, Beads of Glass, before the ides of September. If I don't, I can't post pictures of the boys on social media f...

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I am so proud to announce that I have joined Earth's Mightiest Heroes, the YAvengers ! I'm ready to do whatever it takes to break into the world of publishing as: MEGAN ECCLES as BLACK WIDOW Agent Natasha Romanoff. Codename Black Widow. I play with the big ...

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Every Child is Different
"Every child is different," they say. After getting over the initial shock of pregnancy and birth mid-quarter during grad school, I assumed it would be easy. Anthony was a piece of cake. He was what they call an easy baby, a good baby. You know, the ubiquit...

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Keeping the Love in Lent
As a child, I used to dread Lent. I'd spend the weeks leading up to Ash Wednesday stressing over what I would give up. It was a ritualistic, self-imposed spiritual insecurity. Lent was a time of best behavior, it was a time of sacrifice. It was a time of ac...

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Cherry Stems
Life had once been defined by linears and absolutes. We learned how to survive on the base knowledge that we would eventually die, fading into memory and ground into dust. We worked and lived and grew older, never considering the possibility that there was ...

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A Love Letter
Dear Anthony, I've been saying that you're almost two for so long that when you suddenly were, it shocked me. Looking at you, it's clear you're not the one year old from a year ago. You had just learned to walk then, and were repeating the familiar phrase "...

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Writer Anxiety
I feel like insecurity is inherent when one is a writer. Writing is a communal art. We rely on the imaginations and attentions of others. That's the dream, right? To land an agent, to sell a book, to land on some sort of list that validates the years spent ...

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#fiveminutefriday: Garden
He plants the seeds, making dips in the soil with his bare hands. They're rough and calloused from the years of gripping shovel handles and tractor wheels, strong from milking goats and cows and holding little girl's hands. He takes the time to relax here, ...
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