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Jay Townsend
Helps political candidates discover their message and ensure that their campaigns speak clearly, crisply and with compelling clarity.
Helps political candidates discover their message and ensure that their campaigns speak clearly, crisply and with compelling clarity.

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Get my FREE Video Series, "How to Win an Election" Here:

How to Win an Election. FREE 3-Part Video Series

I work with smart, passionate people who want to run for office, win an election and make a difference.

If that is you, I have something that will save you time, money, headaches, and frustration.

A free 3-part video series on How to Win an Election. Yes, I said FREE.

A Political Campaign has three major components. Your Message. The means you’ll use to disseminate your message. And the things you should do to prepare for a political campaign.

My free, 3-part videos series covers all of them.

Video 1 will help you construct a compelling Message. How to develop your slogan, tell your story, smartly communicate your values and issue positions, and offer voters a compelling contrast with your opponent.

Video 2 offers time and money saving tips on advertising your message. How smart candidates use social media, construct websites that attract contributors, the secrets of internet ads, how to do persuasion mail that voters want to read, plus the art of creating great video, TV, radio, yard signs and recruiting volunteers.

Video 3 will help you construct a budget, develop a fundraising plan that pays the bills, and offer a guide on how to wargame your strategy, and stay ahead of
your opponent.

Signing up for the free video series is easy. You’ll see the link on the screen, or right below the screen, depending on the device you are using to watch this video.

Click on the link.

Put in your first name and your email address, and I’ll immediately send you the first video.

I cherish my privacy. I respect yours. I do not and will not sell or share your email address.

As I mentioned, the 3-part video series is Free. Easy to understand. Easy to comprehend. If you are running for office, or want to some day...They will make you a smarter candidate, save you time, money, and a lot of frustration.

Click the picture. Sign up. It’s Easy. It’s Free.

I'm Jay Townsend

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I’ve just finished filming and editing a 3-part Video Series on How to Win an Election. It’s Free. F-R-E-E

In this video, what you’ll learn, who it’s for, and how to Reserve Your Spot.

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The election of 2016 was a year when a lot of people got it wrong.

I’ve made it easy for you to profit from the mistakes candidates made.

In this video---How to Get your FREE copy of “10 Timeless Lessons from the 2016 Election.”

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In every election we look for new rules, and ones that got bent or broken.

In this video, some ‘rules’ that went to the dustbin, and one that was not broken and never will be.

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Mrs. Clinton’s campaign fired every ounce of ammunition her opposition research team mined on Donald Trump.

In this video, why that was a mistake.

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Donald Trump is not the first candidate in American history to spot a coming wave before others did, or ride a seismic shift in public opinion to the Presidency.

In this video, how they spot it, where they look. 

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In his 2016 Presidential campaign Bernie Sanders raised more than 200 million dollars, more than twice that of Hillary Clinton.

In this video, how he did it. 

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No candidate is ever in sync with the electorate on every issue.

In this video, how to defend yourself when your position is unpopular with the electorate.

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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both prevaricated in their campaign. Most politicians do.

But some lies are worse than others. In this video, why the ones Hillary Clinton told helped sink her campaign. 

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Say what you will about Donald Trump’s campaign, no one misunderstood his campaign slogan…

In this video, why nobody ‘got’ Mrs. Clinton’s slogan, and how to design one that works for you.

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