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Apple iPhone and iPad Apps, News and Updates
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Latest iPhone 7 Features? Here we will talk about iPhone 7 features and overview. Let's checkout these new iphone 7 features.
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IPhone 7 and Wireless Headphones: Analyzing Apple’s Announcements!
#iphone7   #apple   #iphone  
As the company updates its most popular product, Apple removed a familiar feature: the headphone jack.
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The iPhone 7 launch is coming in only 3 days, but would this year's iPhone iteration be a major refresh, or just a minor upgrade?
Apple will introduce its latest phone on Wednesday. But this year could see another "S" -- as in "snooze" -- release.
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So my understanding is.. next year with all the big new hardware redesign.. Apple will call it iPhone 8 and not iPhone 7s??
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Watch 7 years of iPhone evolution in one hypnotic GIF | By +VentureBeat​| Gadgets | by Chris O'Brien
#gifs #applegifs #apple
Has it really been only seven years since Steve Jobs first walked on stage and gave the epic demo of the first iPhone? It's hard for many of us to even remember what the world was like before then,...
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In this week’s top stories: iPhone 7 leaks, Pokémon GO mania continues, Apple recruits developers for its ‘Planet of the Apps’ reality TV show, and much more. 
In this week’s top stories: iPhone 7 leaks, Pokémon GO mania continues, Apple recruits developers for its ‘Planet of the Apps’ reality TV show, and much more.
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Shocking though it may seem, we have another big iPhone 7 leak for you today. This time around we have an image featuring what appear to be dummy units of the 4.7-inch iPhone 7, which are…
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A pair of new iPhones and a new Apple Watch were unveiled at Apple's media event on Wednesday in San Francisco.
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iPhone 7 Specs/Features Leaked: True Tone Display, A10 2.4GHz CPU, 3GB RAM, Waterproof, More
The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus features and specs have been leaked in great detail. Apple's next flagship is expected to feature True Tone display, A10 CPU
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Iphone 7 will have 32 128 and 256GB Internal Storage
=> Also keep in mind that this may bring a price hike. It’s reasonable to think Apple will keep the 32GB and 128GB price-points where they are and slip in a new price-point for the 256GB model. #iphone  
The iPhone 7 Expected To Sport 256GB Of Internal Storage; No 16 GB Variant? ... First Alleged Live iPhone 7 Image Leak Shows Detailed Design
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iPhone 2016 is expected to come with few upgrades over the previous variant. Well-known tipster Evan blast has yet again…
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Apple's Wireless 'AirPods' For iPhone 7 Confirmed By Trademark Filing!
#apple #tech
Apple’s Wireless ‘AirPods’ For iPhone 7 Confirmed By Trademark Filing
Apple's iPhone 7's largely expected to ship this coming September without the iconic 3.5mm headphone jack on the bottom of the device. It's almost a foregone
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Good luck keeping track of these! 
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APPLE WATCH REVIEW price : $649.00 THE GOOD Beautifully constructed. Handles messages well. A solid fitness tracker. Hundreds of apps. Can send and receive voice calls via an iPhone. Lots of design choices. Apple Pay-...
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ah.. the screen's too small.. for it to be that expensive
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