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Apple iPhone and iPad Apps, News and Updates
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Effective Mobile SEO Infographic!
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Best Practices for Effective Mobile SEO 

Search engine optimization (SEO) might seem very intimidating.Despite the odd jargons and complex theories, the rules for effective desktop and mobile SEO campaigns are rather simple. 

With nearly a third of all searches coming from mobile devices, it’s no wonder mobile search has really come of age. And there’s not a few online businesses who’re giving a lot of serious attention to their mobile presence compared to desktop versions. 

And through the years of serving clients with our mobile development and SEO services, we are always in the view that mobile search is a crucial area any serious brand must endeavor. 

This best practices infographic is aimed at helping business owners or their search marketing consultants take advantage of the importance of building mobile websites or responsive website with SEO in mind. 

Check out our detailed article about the topic at:

If you love our infographic and if it gives value please plus and reshare. It will really help out a lot of people to know that #SEO  is also important to their mobile site.

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Apple mandates new Watch apps 'must' work without an iPhone!
#applewatch   #apps   #watchos2  
 #iphone   #apple  #wearabletech  
Apple mandates new Watch apps 'must' work without an iPhone
No iPhone, no problem. At least that's what Apple is pushing for.
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22 Best Google Gravity Tricks 2016 (Google Tricks Code)!
#google   #gravity  
22 Best Google Gravity Tricks Code (New):
iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo (Fix)Easy solutions to iphone stuck on apple logo and iphone 6 stuck on apple logo. We have shared 7 best ways for iphone 6, 6s, iphone 5, 5s stuck on apple lock screen 2016. iPhone stuck on apple logo a common problem that most iphone users face. Today we are... Read More:

#AntiGravityGoogle, #BestGoogleGravityTricks
Best google gravity tricks with anti gravity google tricks 2016. Know gravity google & google gravity trick code with best google gravity moon 2016.
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Intel may have managed to steal some business from Qualcomm for the next iPhone chips, and such rumors have been making the rounds
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Cutting-Edge Social Media Marketing! - Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Social Media Networking, SEO, Google+, Facebook!
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How The Apple Watch Could Change The World Of Local SEO!
#localseo   #applewatch   #seo  
How Apple could change local SEO.
Apple recently unveiled the up-and-coming sixth generation of its iPhone, as well as its next gadget, which will arrive in stores in early 2015—the Apple Watch. SmartWatches have been experimented with by other companies in the past, but Apple’s foray into wearable smart technology could mark the beginning of a [...]
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Visual Guide to Mobile SEO! [Infographic] - Get your website mobile optimized!
#seo   #mobilefriendly   #google 
 #mobilegeddon  #infographic  
Visual Guide to Mobile SEO! [Infographic] - "...Google’s #1 priority is increasing the user experience. They’re done sending users to a non mobile friendly website." ...Everything you need to know to get your website mobile optimized for SEO." ...Read more:
#seo   #mobilefriendly   #google   #mobileseo   #searchengineoptmization   #mobilegeddon   #infographic  
This is a detailed visual guide to help your website properly optimize for mobile search and Google's updated algorithm.
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Rumors about Apple Watch 2 are flooding these days, as we have been waiting too long since the first generation. The good news is, it is coming soon with lower price, more powerful processor and a lot of features you will be interested in on June 13.
Rumors on Apple Watch 2: Take a look at the design and specification on it.
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Designing for Apple Watch!
#applewatch   #design  
Designing for Apple Watch: Product Strategy
When Apple launched the Apple Watch, there was a lot of excitement. Wearables are a new category to design experiences for. The caveat? Translating your app to a sma
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IPhone Screen 7 be inspired by the New iPad Pro
Surely the vast majority of you, dear readers, remember an article last week in which DisplayMate analyzed the new iPad Pro screen considering it  as  the best display of the current tablet market  .  Well, the guys at DisplayMate have gone a step further, ...
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