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Apple iPhone and iPad Apps, News and Updates
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Art filter app Prisma launches its own social network and full-resolution pictures!
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Art filter app Prisma launches its own social network and full-resolution pictures
Prisma to release their own social network, will offer some innovative twists to the traditional social media experience.Prisma is a pretty amazing photo app. It can turn almost any picture in
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Apple Inc is wading in to the debate over regulation of self-driving cars
Apple Inc is wading in to the debate over regulation of self-driving cars, declaring it is excited about the potential for automated transportation and calling on U.S. regulators not to restrict testing of such vehicles. A five-page letter from Steve Kenner, Apple’s... More
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Fuck Apple, they are a mafia. They still haven't added shatter proof glass. They did the opposite and made the iPhone with a design where it can easily slip from your hand and weak glass where it can break easily. This makes Apple users want to buy the warranty/insurance. 
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Apple demonstrates Final Cut Pro's potential with the new Touch Bar!
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Apple demonstrates Final Cut Pro’s potential with the new Touch Bar
Apple’s new MacBook Pro laptops are the fastest ever. They also come with the Touch Bar – a small, customizable display that occupies the space where the function keys used to be. Perhaps eager to demonstrate that this isn’t just a novelty, Apple demonstrated its use with Final Cut Pro, the popular video editing program.. …
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iPhone 7: 15 Tips and Tricks you Need to Know!
#iphone7   #iphone   #apple   #tech   #smartphones  
iPhone 7: 15 Tips and Tricks you Need to Know - Internetseekho
iPhone 7 the most intelligent smartphone on the planet. It can do some incredible things. We are sharing iPhone 7 tricks that you need to...
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The iPhone will be getting into Augmented Reality, according to new patents about how it could use it in mapping applications.
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Did You Know Apple iPhone 7 Plus Is A Professional DSLR Camera?📱 📸

Smartphone VS DSLR Camera

Apple iPhone 7 Plus VS Nikon D300

iPhone 7 Plus VS DSLR Camera 📱 📸

Fstoppers - YouTube - 2016/10/10


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Cameras can gaming .. the future of this company.. so frustrated with the lack of vision.. am looking into alternative brands for the first time.
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Clueless technophiles are destroying their iPhone 7’s after watching prank video
A video purporting to reveal the secret headphone jack in the iPhone 7 has over 10 million views on YouTube. To get to the hidden headphone jack, according to the video, you’ll need to drill into the bottom of the phone while placing it snugly into a vice. Obviously, this is where most of us figure out …
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