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I create #ClickableMaps   featuring MapHilight jQuery Plugin

For years I've been making clickable maps of the world for webmasters, giving them a special clickable navigation for articles, services and products at their clients websites.

Plugins for #wordpress and #joomla  

I further developed easy to install Plugins for Joomla CMS and WordPress Pages and Posts. I giveaway a huge package for a small price from my online store

To help potential users, I also give away a FREE Sample so that webmasters can 'try before they buy' in case of compatibility problems, the FREE sample clickable map is the Clickable Map of Estonia ( a gift for Estonian webmasters??) #EstoniaMap  

If you didn't know I also create custom clickable maps for special projects and the cost is reasonable. #CustomMaps  

Is it something you could use at your website or blog?
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Visual Theatre Seat Booking Software for #TheaterReservation

There was a time, when managing Reserved Seating for Concerts meant there was a chart on the wall, using different colored crayons to show who sat where and who paid what!

Fortunately, my seat booking software can eliminate that hard work with an online seat map where visitors can make seat reservations or only the management and box office staff can safely take care of online ticket selling for numerous shows over and over while also retaining a growing customer base for further continued marketing of latest events.

A lot of my users are management with a team of  'Agents' and they can track agent sales easily within the software.

All in all my osConcert helps users keep their profits rather than paying out commissions to other unnecessary ticket selling operators.

Those #Theatre Societies and #NonProfit Organisations that could have 'gone to the wall' never regret taking control of their own ticket sales online and live to entertain over and over again.

See who's using osConcert at my website:
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I've updated my #SeatBooking Software website.'s been a long time.....because a webmaster like me is always busy on other peoples projects.

So I eventually rebuilt

I thought I'd better make it one of those 'long scrolling responsive' websites so I purchased a nifty WordPress Theme from Elegant It's really great to work with. If you are thinking of upgrading your old website to something modern and responsive (for better viewing on cell phones and tablets) I recommend it....or better still....I can do it for you.

Anyway, goes someway to present all the information I'd like people to know about my Visual Seat Booking Software.

Here's the TEXT on first page visitors will you think it alright?

Affordable Online Seat Booking Software

We specialize in creating and integrating your visual theatre seat plans into an affordable and easily manageable online software that YOU host at your web hosting.

*Easily Manage ‘Reserved Seating‘ Events
*Create ‘Unlimited’ General Admission Events
*Allow eTicketing and Barcode Scanning
*Easy Content Management
*Start Selling with Paypal/Paypal Credit Cards

Take control of your TICKET SELLING #TicketSelling
*Install in minutes (L.A.M.P. and Windows Servers with MySQL Database)
*FREE support at all times
*osConcert is an adapted PHP shopping cart – YOU OWN IT!
*Developers have access to all the code. It’s based on a popular open source php. #OpenSource
*One Time Payment – Ready in Days. NO HIDDEN COSTS!…NO ANNUAL COSTS!
*Easy to set up and manage and with a 92 page user manual.
*Available with German, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Chinese, Czech, Dutch and Romanian Language Packs ++++
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