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Executive Search That Leaves No Stone Unturned.
Executive Search That Leaves No Stone Unturned.


@HuffingtonPost #Purpose-Driven Companies Are Driving the New Economy

According to the Huffington Post, “Purpose-Driven Companies Are Driving the New Economy,” with an economic model that combines purpose and profit: The article reads in part, “These companies are driving our economy forward, because modern innovation is often fueled by a desire to improve the lives of those less fortunate.”

Do you want to be part of this new economy? We’re here to assist purpose-driven companies and investment groups in building their leadership teams. #PathwayToPurpose #executivesearch

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Calibre One and The Rise of the #Purpose-Driven Business

The concept of the purpose-driven business--which focuses on identifying a societal need then works to fill that need while turning a profit--continues to build momentum. Read how some of the country’s largest brands are contributing to “The Rise of the Purpose-Driven Business,” on @GreenBiz.

Ask Calibre One about our new Purpose-Driven Practice: for placing executive leadership with growing organizations seeking to create innovation for meaningful impact.

We look forward to assisting growing benefit corporations, #B-Corps, #L3Cs and related investment companies find and place their #C-suite and #Board-level leadership. #executivesearch

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25 Simple Things to Give Up If You Want to #Succeed

Lolly Dasjal, President and CEO of Lead From Within, gives us some good advice in her article, “25 Simple Things to Give Up If You Want to Succeed,” for @Inc. magazine:

We especially like #2 – Throw out playing small. Expand your horizons. Go big. Grow! Which of Dasjal’s pieces of advice most resonates with you? #executivesearch

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Calibre One Takes on Higher Purpose with Launch of #Purpose-Driven Practice

Yes! We’ve launched our Purpose-Driven Practice with a focus on placing senior-level executives -- VPs, C-level and board-level leaders -- in organizations seeking to create innovation with meaningful impact. This includes companies that focus on empowering employees and/or making positive social impact such as benefit corporations, B-Corps, L3Cs and other purpose-driven companies as well as investment companies focused on this emerging sector. Calibre One, the only boutique executive search firm with a truly global presence, created this practice on the principle that the pursuit of purpose can be as powerful as the pursuit of profit.

We’re happy to report that our Purpose-Driven Practice will be led by Venesa Klein. And, we heartily agree with Venesa when she says that 'leading with purpose' can create a new path toward economic success and build value across all stakeholders -- clients, employees and communities.

#B-Corp #leadership #executivesearch

Post has attachment’s “A Primer for Startups and Job Seekers…” There’s no teambuilding shortcut.

Calibre One’s Ryan Polich agrees with’s, “A Primer for Startups and Job Seekers to BOTH Win the Talent War,” and the statement, “There’s no shortcut to building the team you want. You’ll need to dedicate at least 50% (if not more) of your time to interviewing and recruiting.” Ryan also offers his advice for how to get what you need: #ExecutiveSearch

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Video: What does Shake Shack millionaire founder Danny Meyer look for when #hiring?

Shake Shack's millionaire founder Danny Meyer looks for these 2 things when hiring people. He says that you need a blend of someone who is good at what they do and who is happiest when making others happy. Meyer underscores that you need both--no matter what your business is. Watch: @businessinsider #ExecutiveSearch

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Major Corporations becoming #B-Corps?

Read what #B-Lab’s Jay Coen Gilbert says about companies that put creating value for society on even footing with creating value for stockholders. Do they have a future? Oh, yes:

In this article, “Become B-Corps?,” Coen Gilbert discusses their future saying, “I'm not sure what's triggered it, but there's been a palpable increase in energy from Fortune 500 companies."@FastCoExit

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#Leadership Your Team Needs

“Developing a healthy, high-performance leadership style is a delicate balance,” says Diane McIntyre, partner at Calibre One, author of this Fortune Insiders article, “This is When You Know You’re Just the Leader Your Team Needs.” Have you found that balance?
@FortuneMagazine#FortuneInsiders #ExecutiveSearch

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Hiring Lessons From The Guy Who Recruited 9,000 Paid Staffers For The #Olympics

Whether you're hiring C-suite execs-as Calibre One does - or part-time staffers for the Olympics as Paul Modley did, many of the candidate qualities you seek are the same. Competency-based interviews focus on both technical and other experience as well as whether an individual will fit with the organization's culture. Fascinating read: "Hiring Lessons From The Guy Who Recruited 9,000 Paid Staffers For The Olympics,"@FastCompany, Contact Calibre One for executive placement. #executivesearch
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