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If you haven't already, it's time you rediscover the incredible usefulness of the glass mason jar!
The glass mason jar is not just for canning! Its unlimited uses can be traced to the kitchen, pantry, bathroom, laundry, office, and even the garage!
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I use mason jars in the: kitchen, laundry room, bathroom and shed. And I find them everywhere else since we use them for drinking glasses, too.
They're such an awesome home resource! You rock Nina. :)
Funny you ask: a reader mentioned it in a comment, we checked it out and bought two. They're on their way. :)
Cool! A nurse in the ER had one the other day when my husband was on shift. We was excited to show me. Time to order two.
Yep, we're very excited to get them! I actually used a mason jar as my water bottle for about a year, with a plastic lid. I'll be happy to go back to one. Now to find a koozy for it!
I think I'll either sew or crochet one. 
Yep, I'll probably make one out of neoprene and duck tape. :)
Duct tape works for everything. :)
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