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West Coast Tank Recovery Inc.
Serving the entire Lower Mainland & Fraser Valley
Serving the entire Lower Mainland & Fraser Valley


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How Oil Tank Removal Can Affect Your Property
Buried oil tanks have long been a problem
for houses in the Greater Vancouver and surrounding areas, as any tanks found
under your property should be removed as soon as possible. Here is how an oil tank removal can affect
your property. Stopping you from se...

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Buying a Home and Oil Tank Removal
Oil tank removal is a phrase that you
probably didn’t think you’d come across, but are hearing a lot recently. This
owes a lot to the property market in Vancouver and the number of people buying
homes or lots to build homes on. If you want to buy a property...

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The Four Stages of an Oil Tank Removal
If you require an oil tank removal, you
might be interested to know the four stages of the process, starting with a
full scan of the area. Stage 1: Oil tank scanning Before an oil tank removal itself can take
place, the professional company conducting the s...

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Why You Might Need an Oil Tank Removal Company
Have you seen an oil tank removal
company advertised recently, but aren't sure exactly why you might need one? An
oil tank removal company can be more useful than you might think, as we will
explain further below. Oil tank scanning One of the most common re...

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The Four Steps of an Oil Tank Detection and Removal
Are you looking at getting an oil tank
detection and removal performed on your property? Wanting to know the various
stages of the process? If so, read on, as we outline the four main steps behind
the complex procedure. Step 1: Oil tank scanning The first s...

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General House Maintenance Advice
What many people don't realize until after they buy a home, is quite how much maintenance is required to keep it looking its very best. So, what are some of the more forgotten house maintenance tips? Repainting the housing exterior While the majority of hom...

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The Oil Tank Removal Specialists are here to help
Vancouver residents and homeowners experience significant issues surrounding oil tanks on their property. Old and unused oil tanks have been a problem since they went out of commission in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Since then, Vancouver homeowners have struggle...

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Why Oil Tank Detection in Vancouver is Crucially Important
The importance of oil tank detection in Vancouver cannot be overstated, as it is vitally important to be aware of its significance. Many underground oil storage tanks remain below properties in Greater Vancouver and are a throwback to a time before the wide...

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Why You Might Need to Have An Oil Tank Removal
If you are living in the Greater Vancouver area in a house that was built before 1957, then you should make certain that there is not an oil storage tank lurking somewhere underneath your garden or backyard. Why might there be an oil tank under my property?...
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