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Sharing a website where I uploaded some of the photos that I took.
I forgot to update this since last year because my phone was lost so I have to wait. hehe. Please don't hesitate to look for this! :D


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Graduated High School♪♪



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From last night's MAMA 2013 in Hongkong. Yes,I don't have the chance to watch the full ceremony,I already watched and downloaded the full performance of EXO earlier.

OhEMUGEE!! It's really Awesome!! And I'm very proud with them,Of course all of us fans believe them,right?

Firstly,DO-oppa.. Oh my poor oppa he had a sprain during the performance I did not noticed that because I was basically focused with everyone. I wish DO-oppa to get well soon~!

Second,I'm really proud with Luhan-oppa..He said on a Chinese Interview that he is usually shy when they were on-stage but I saw really nothing. Nothing but a confident Luhan everyone rarely see.

And I love his eyeliner during the performance~! I think it's more thicker than Baekhyun-oppa's last night. keke WO AI NI♡♡

And last,congratulations to all of them winning the Albun of the Year award last night. I cannot watch the live stream properly and it is so laggy.. I am really disappointed with myself because I didnt expected that they will won the award, I just gave up and directly sleep but when I woke up last morning,I'm really surprised. Yes,I want to congratulate them all~ that was the feeling I have.

I became a fan of EXO within a month knowing them with watching their videos. And honestly,even they caught some mistakes with their live shows I care for them because I am fully proud that they can do their best until when the show will end..

I love them very much..

MAMA에게 EXO여러분이 Album of the Year수상을 있어했습니다~!!

앞으로도, 오빠들 노력해주세요~~



파이팅~!!! ㅋㅋㅋ EXO사랑하자!

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We go to SM MOA last Sunday.

I'm glad that I am able to go right at the bay side already!!

Woo~! Sea Breeze..

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Oh,right.. I changed my profile photo..
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