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Divers uncover world's oldest harbor in Red Sea
Archaeologists find monumental harbor built by King Cheops 4600 years ago at Wadi el-Jarf to import stuffs to build the Great Pyramid of Giza.
... the archaeologists found a deposit of 99 stone anchors, some of which still had ropes attached. A significant number bore inscriptions in red ink with the name of the boat to which they belonged.

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Khufu’s papyri go on display at the Egyptian Museum
The papyrus that was discovered in 2013 in a cave at the ancient Red Sea port of Wadi el-Jarf describing the construction of the Great Pyramid has been put on public display as part of a new exhibition at Cairo’s Egyptian Museum.

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Beams of Khufu's second solar boat transported to Egyptian Museum
An Egyptian-Japanese archaeological team has removed Tuesday a collection of 12 wooden beams from the pit of Khufu’s second solar boat in order to send them to the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) on the Giza Plateau for restoration.

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Revealing the Continents of the Earth
The globe has now been revealed on five faces of the cube, giving the impression of a separate sphere within the cube. These are the Polar, African, Indonesian, Pacific and American reveals. Cartouches are being carved into the circular facets which frame the revealed sections of the Earth and these will indicate the location of other pyramids in those regions.

Read more about these details, the Time Capsule's Millennium clock, the new video, and more at the Earth Pyramid Blog.

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One day Steve was rummaging around in the shed down at the Earth Pyramid Quarry when he stumbled upon two magnificent ancient Egyptian styled busts tucked away at the back of the shed. One was a copy of the famous bust of Nefertiti and the other of an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh. Where did these come from???

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Holographic Earth Pyramid
Steve and Charline with the Holographic Earth Pyramid at the Learning Without Boundaries conference at the Matrix Global Schools opening today.

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Putting the Earth in Box - the Earth Pyramid Time Capsule
Here's an example of the carved stone block that will contain the time capsule. Note the fine detail of the countries depicted on the globe.

This smaller demonstration model of the Time Capsule box will go to Malaysia for the opening of the Earth Pyramid Incubation Centre on July 26-28. 

Read more at the Earth Pyramid blog:

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DNews Explains the Wet Sand Theory
Read about our tests that we carried out using the 1 tonne Earth Pyramid test block and a copy of an ancient Egyptian sled on wet sand:

View our test video:

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Sled Theory Test is Another Success!!
Just before Christmas last year we carried out another test on moving large blocks, this time with a sled that we constructed based on the cedar sled discovered at Lisht and using on research from the team at Amsterdam University.

Read all about it and other tests on our blog:

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The Earth Pyramid project have a new video out. Learn how the project began with Steve and his family. Meet Mark Steele from +Arup who is helping with construction and planning, and stone sculptor Simon Tyson talks about the meaning and significance of the time capsule's design.
Read more at the Earth Pyramid blog and watch the new video.
Inside the Earth Pyramid Project
Read about the latest video created by Moving Eye Productions.

Steve explains how the Earth Pyramid project began with his family about eight years ago after watching the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.

Mark Steele from ARUP talks about the technical challenges of the pyramid’s construction.

And sculptor Simon Tyson talks about the principles behind the time capsule’s design.
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