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Signal Boost for a couple new crowdfunding projects!

Xas Irkalla is a brutal survival horror game inspired by black and doom metal (among other things) and has a cool modular approach to the ruleset - there's a narrative core that asks you to balance your effort (Strain) against the world (Doom), and then there's grittier parts of the game that extend off of that. Out of the box it's a surreal zero-to-hero game where you fight the game to survive, an RPG approach that I think is still a rich mine to explore -

Pagans of the Desolate Wastes is a Lamentations of the Flame Princess/general OSR adventure of post-apocalyptic space-flavored weirdness. The modest campaign is basically to raise the cash for art and maps, and it's a labor of love that could really use your help if any of that piques your interest! -

Disclosure: I'm attached to these to do layout if they fund, but I also generally take on projects that are interesting to me, so maybe they will be to you as well!

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It's a good day for World Wide Wrestling!

First, the One Shot AP session that I recently ran drops it's first episode today -

I ran the game for a great group that mixed wrestling fans, improv comedians, game nerds and professional wrestlers, including Colt Cabana - it was his first RPG! The game got real weird, but was definitely fun throughout, and I think will be an enjoyable listen.

Second, I just saw the the RollPlay AP show is running a oneshot on July 22nd, it looks like a rad cast!

So those are some cool things and I hope people enjoy the games. 

I'm working on a new small thing for the game. I have a question for you:

What's the most difficult thing for you about running or playing World Wide Wrestling?


What do you wish you'd known when you started running or playing that you know now?

I'm interested in pain points, missing steps or other issues in actual "how am I supposed to X" that have come up in your games.


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Hey friends, this is the last week for my shipping sale promotion at - get free US shipping on orders of $40+ with code JUNE2017 at checkout.

This includes PDFs, so if you were thinking about picking up World Wide Wrestling, and International Incident, or maybe WWWRPG and carry, you could add on Masks of the Mummy Kings or A Grandiose Disaster to get the free shipping!

Some of my limited-run wrestling shirts are also still available, and I also unearthed some print copies of Timestream, my very first foray into publishing games, which you can snag for $5.

The promotion ends on Friday, so if you wanted to pick something up for the summer or order a present for a friend, now is the time.


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Two Hundred a Day Episode 11: A Portrait of Elizabeth is now live!

+Epidiah Ravachol and I discuss this fantastic episode of The Rockford Files in which Beth brings a new client (and her new boyfriend) to Jim to get some help, but it turns out that Dave has a nefarious scheme of his own. This episode effortlessly weaves together the emotional connection of Beth and Jim, Jim's efforts to discover Dave's plot, and Beth's professional skills - it's truly a gem of an episode that's shot right to top of our "must-see" list!

In the second half we discuss using status and changes in status in your fiction and games, as well as how to treat the "criminal polymath mastermind" kind of villain in an engaging way.

Check out this episode, links to subscription feeds and all of our previous episodes at

And if you like the show, consider supporting us on Patreon - we're going to two episodes a month in July, thanks not only to the financial support, but also the moral support of having rad Rockford fans appreciating what we're doing!

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Join us at 8e/7c (pm) to watch A Portrait of Elizabeth and livetweet/post with us! We're mostly doing it on Twitter, but I think Eppy will have a concurrent G+ post.


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It's my birthday month, so to celebrate here's a deal: use code JUNE2017 at checkout for free US shipping on any order of $40+.

Protip, PDFs count towards the total, so you can stock up on some games you've been meaning to check out and get free shipping on a single print book, stuff like that.

There's also the selection of my remaining limited edition shirts and one or two little surprises in the store...

Pick up some cool new games for the summer!

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It's our last day! 13 hours left to jump on board with us to make Trouble For Hire happen. You'll be riding shotgun with as throughout the production process and have the first run of the game coming straight to you when it releases.

If you're interested in any of the sweet merch (pins and shirts), contributing a character or an adventure, or the rad deluxe everything-to-play kit, this campaign is the only time we're aiming to produce those. Lock in the limited edition swag before it goes away forever!

We're so pumped that Trouble For Hire is gonna hit the road in style, thanks to your help. Thanks again!

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We funded! One more day to get on board with Trouble For Hire.

Still curious about the game? Check out the page and latest update for a half-hour stream where I talk to +Kevin Allen Jr. Coast To Coast AM style about it.

Thanks so much for the support, everyone!

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An update as we head into the final weekend for Trouble For Hire - I break down why I, personally, am so excited for +Kevin Allen Jr.'s game, and why I think it's worth your time and attention.

I'm excited to be publishing it because I have so much fun when I play it! It fits right into my sweet spot for one-shot games - pick-up-and-play (so I don't need to prep), distributed GM tasks (so I don't get burned out handling the same creative load the whole game), and limited inputs (the roles, the scene mile markers, the adventure) with infinite outputs - every game, even of the same adventure, generates a new and unique story.

But even more than those design elements of the game, the first time I played I realized what a broad platform this game is. It's able to host so many different genres, themes and variations on the core story of "Ruben Carlos Ruiz gets into, then out of, trouble". I see other players realize when I introduce the game to them - we always end the game with someone saying "oh wow, you could use this to..."

It's so cool.

We're 94% there, no better time to help us out!
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