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Check it out... If you pick up a copy, let me know what you think!!
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Okay, so technically it's Sunday...
but I just wanted to put this out for a listen.  It is
a fairy tale /spoken word piece.  Hope you enjoy....

     I was just wondering how many folks are from the Space Coast (Florida).   I'm got an invite to help work on a local art festival, and I wanted to see how many folks are in the area, and if they are interested.  I do a lot of comic con type events normally, but like the idea of a bridge between fantasy/comics and fine art... if such is possible.

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     I'm going to introduce myself by my nom de plume.  I'm Eric "Moebius" Morlin.  I met Warren Lapine when he was still publishing Weird Tales as chair for DNA Publications.  He's since sold that company to start a new publishing house that does mostly public domain material.   However, I am one of the last 4 living authors he wanted to publish (according to what he told me).  The other authors were heavy hitters in their day: Harlan Ellison, Michael Moorcock, and Roger Zealzny...
     Thing is... My book is a book of poetry... I know, right.
     I find a great number of folks are fans because they are curious.  They are explorers, and seekers, and they recognize just like everyone else how much bad poetry there is out there... Yet most of them have also at least experienced poetry that they enjoyed once or twice in their lives. 
      I was told by my publisher," I won't make money on your book, but I'm a fan... and I want to at least do that much for you." He then sent me $140 and 40 books to promote it.  I actually added my own money to send even more books out to publishers... and got 4 or 5 reviews.  Those were pretty good.... Including one in the Seattle Press Intelligencer. 
      I can only figure the rest said, "WTF??! Poetry..." and that was that...  I am actually working on several books now as we speak.  One a non-fiction book about living on the street.  One a fantasy... no spoilers on this one, and lastly a fictional book that will combine elements of both worlds.  If you'd like to check out some of my material for free I have some spoken word up on sound cloud under the name: Moebius Machiavelli. It's the name of a AD&D character. 
      Nice to meet y'all.

M Markman

     I've published a book with Wilder Publications... "Are There Zombies in Heaven," (out on Nook and kindle) and crazy as it sounds I'm getting ready to put out a new book of poetry!! "The Healing Power of Tickle Torture"  
     However, I also want to put out an e book and paper back on my own... Looking at Create Space... It is going to be a reprint of one of the ones I used to self publish when I lived on the streets," A Leper's Paradise in 3-d"... So... Any advice I'm listening... Otherwise... Nice meeting ya'll.

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Just found out one of my buddies Steve Taiclet, is a Finalist in Fangoria's short story contest (under Weird Tales):

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I'm a writer, although... for my first post I am going to proudly announce one of my friend's Steve Taiclet made it as one of the Finalists in Fangoria's short stories contest (under Weird Tales):

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     My name is Michael, but most of my friends know me as Moebius.  I used to self publish and sell books on the streets in Atlanta, Georgia during the late '80's.  In 2003 my dad got cancer and I moved home to help take care of him.  In 2011 Warren Lapine (previously for DNA publications- they used to put out "Weird Tales", "Aboriginal Science Fiction", "Absolute Magnitude", etc, etc... Anyway... Now Warren owns a book company "Wilder Publications."  They mostly puts out public domain, and a few bigger names that are posthumous... Only in November of 2011 he published by book, "Are there Zombies in Heaven," under my nome de plume Eric "The Moebius Kid" Morlin.  
     I am currently in talks with a new publisher for my second book... 
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