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Just a guy.

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Looking for a haggis for Robbie Burns Day. Anyone know of where in Kelowna that sells haggis? #KelownaHaggis #haggis 

First step for peace and freedom for Palestinians is to find a political body that truly represents Palestinians. Hamas represents an extremist desire to prolong an agenda of terror; peace between Palestine and Israel is something they do not want. Just as Zionists are not Israelis, Hamas are not Palestinians. Here's hoping for peace between Israel and Palestine. Here's hoping militant Zionists and Islamist terror groups such as Hamas go to hell.

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About to venture into the Okanagan in October.  Sunshine, fall colours...  Oh baby!

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Great food and excellent service in the restaurant. Recommend!

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This place is a keeper. Great BBQ (serious BBQ!), decent folk, delicious music.

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Finally... Farmers making sense of Gangnam Style!

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Sitting next to table of yapping cougars/puma. 
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