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NeurOptimal Neurofeedback representative Europe, from purchase to end-user service
NeurOptimal Neurofeedback representative Europe, from purchase to end-user service


NeurOptimal Neurofeedback brought back the joy in life for almost all of my clients. All over the world people are being trained with NeurOptimal. They all come into our practise with a wide range of issues. We see ADHD and Autism, we see migraine and PTSD, we see wishes for peak-performance and better sleep....the good news it, we are not telling the brain what to do. We are providing information to the central nervous system, information about what it has just done. That information will be processed by that same central nervous system, and as a result of that, this cns will find a way, all by itself, to function more resilient and flexible. And because of that, clusters of symptoms will drop away.
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The story here, can be yours. Add NeurOptimal into your coaching or therapy-business and see miracles like this happen on a weekly basis.

I have a client, girl, 8 years old. She is one of the pupils in the school
where I provide NO. I only met her two weeks ago. Her mother had told me she was autistic (classic) and severe failure anxious. No eye-contact to strangers, no hand-shaking on first meets...
I had to go to her classroom, to have her come with me for her first
session. Went together with the mother, who came to school that morning (parents are allowed to come in, during  school-time, this is a very
school). Seeing her mother, she came with us, I kneeled down in front of
her, and gave her my hand...she took it and told me her name. Mother
whispers a "wow"....
Anyway, hooking her up, knowing she was afraid to be touched on the
earlobes, I made her doing the earlobe hook-up herself, after I had shown the hook-ups on her cat-pet.
She watched part of a movie, a story about a
Dolphin. The session went well, when it was finished (regular) she smiled, looked at her mother and said: "NICE!"
They went home, had weekend, came back the next Friday, same girl, same school, same movie Part II

Her mother couldn't stop feeling happy since they had left the week
before. The Saturday morning, after the 1st session, she and her husband woke up early because of the sound of a child whistling came out of the garden.
They found her daughter dancing in their sun-covered-garden, whistling tunes. When the girl saw her parents, she threw a smile and said: "Look, there is the sun, and now I can hear the birds. The dance has been stuck in my head but now it is free"

The mother looked at her husband when he asked her: "Could that be
possible, after one session?" She said: "Yes, it must be, nothing else has changed."
I said:"Yes, we see miracles all the time. Your daughter is
experiencing one of them".

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Do you want to enhance better performance, better concentration, or simply boost your coaching practise/ psychology private practise? Consider to invest in a NeurOptimal Neurofeedback system. It is worth it, simply because of the great results you will get with yourself, or your clients. For more info: when you live in Europe. 
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