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Neues zu Marihuana

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Lesenswert: Aus den Robotersteuern könnte ein Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen finanziert werden. Doch wer profitiert davon wirklich ....?

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Ui, da muss ich gleich im Garten schauen, ob meine Lieferung schon gelandet ist, bevor sich die Krähen dran zu schaffen machen. :-)

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Okay, there is room for improvement - the European Union (EU) has to become a Union of and for the people, not one just for companies or only for economical reasons. We are family! Together we are and will remain a voice in the world. Only together we are strong, at the moment because of our common market the strongest in the world. Those who want us divided do that to weaken us. We should work together to improve the EU, not give it up and fall back to awful times.
…because we love to live in peace
…because we love to be united in diversity
…because we love to travel freely
…because we love having the choice to work and live in another EU country
…because of Erasmus
…because we can receive medical attention abroad with our EU Health Card
…because the EU is the biggest humanitarian donor in the world
…because we love solidarity
…because we love when we get our Bachelor Degree in France and it is also valid in Romania
…because the toys for our kids are safe
…because we love to roam - but we don't like roaming charges
…because we have a common shared history, monuments, art, films
…because we love how the EU protects habitats, forests and the environment
…because my fundamental rights are protected

#EuropeanUnion #EuropeanCommission

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Schönen Valentinstag! Oder: Schönen "Tag der Kopflosen"?
Ich hatte das 2012 mal recherchiert. Gar nicht so uninteressant die Geschichte des Valentinstags.

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Frisch aktualisiert:
Neue Bayernkrimis - - spannende Lektüre für Bahnfahrten, Pausen, Wartezeiten ...

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