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Our Due diligence service provides valuable information to make intelligent, informed decisions at the time of doing business, alliance, representation, partners, we deliver real-time information positive and negative of a company or person, avoiding illegal.

Conduct, we do a careful analysis of customer reputational suppliers, financial situation, commercial, hidden interests, verifications of legal disputes, contracts with the government participation of partners, physical verification of the existence.

Our investigation of the Due Diligence is performed with a requirement in professional ethics.

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Our commitment is to design a report where there is identified information of persons, number of identification, photo profile, fingerprints, signature, date of birth, marriages(married couples) and participation in companies etc., persons who think about how to enter to companies or business, minimizing the risk in the crimes (offenses).

Frequently persons obtain an affectionate relation by means of friends web sites and the information is small of the sentimental couple (partner). This service offers reliability.

Colombia among the top 5 countries with better economic growth

Your business must be in Colombia we will perform all the management

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¿No tiene tiempo para escuchar las conversaciones en directo? con este novedoso software
usted podrá escuchar las conversaciones en la comodidad desde su computador personal, en
cualquier momento del día, ya que este las graba y las almacena en un correo electrónico que
previamente le asignamos

¿Qué es?

Es un software que se le instala a un teléfono , y este envía por medio del plan de datos,
todas las grabaciones de las conversaciones telefónicas, mensajes de texto y ubicación de celda vía
GPS, a un correo que nosotros previamente le asignamos

1-Grabacion de conversaciones
2-Envio de copia de mensajes de texto
3-Envio de grabaciones de escucha ambiental
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