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Dave Cline
Armchair philosopher, pontificator and procrastinator
Armchair philosopher, pontificator and procrastinator

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"To the Moon Alice!"-- in about 5 hours.

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+Duncan McGeary +Dave Cline

Ah, we are finally getting some traction now. And not the hospital bed type either.

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A test chapter in potential novel -- genetic engineering altruism...

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Haven't posted to Blogger in forever, but here we go. Figured to use all channels for pushing my first novel.

+Oriol Vinyals

Dear Google Deepmind Engineers,

I've read of your research into the natural language parsing work you've been doing. I think I have an idea for you...

What else could you do with DeepMind? I know! Disrupt the entire novel publishing industry.

If I may, I'd like to take you through the brief process of publishing a novel. It won't take long.
1) You write a novel, edit it, perfect it. For a first novel it should be between 60k-100k words.

2) You try to publish it in the traditional way:

2) a) You write a glorious query (a marketing piece that must be written to hook a literary agent or publisher.) Queries are creatures unto themselves and are critical to the publishing process.

2) b) You send your query (and bits and pieces of your manuscript) to dozens if not hundreds of literary agents and publishing houses.

2) c) You collect rejection after rejection.

3) You self-publish through Amazon and/or other venues because the traditional publishing process sucks.
That was the view from the author's side.

From the publishing side of the street, the process is where DeepMind would be most lucrative.

Literary agents and publishers collect tens of thousands of queries, synopsis and manuscripts -- every year! That's right. Every year tens of thousands of novels are written and submitted to these middlemen in the hopes that a novel is accepted and published. This is a huge data analysis and critical reading and critiquing problem. And a perfect place to insert a trained instance of DeepMind.

ALANN, the automated literary analysis neural network, would be the end-all be-all terminus for all authors and publishers.

Publishers do NOT want to have to search thousands of queries looking for those few diamonds they can polish-up to make their money.

Authors do NOT want to have to submit twenty different variations of queries to hundreds of agents in the hopes of enticing one with their alluring words.

ALANN would be a repository where:

• authors could submit parts of or their entire manuscript for evaluation by a DeepMind instance,
• ALANN would pass judgement and perhaps offer critical advice -- fix this, bad start, poor grammar, too flowery, etc.
• authors could maintain accounts and submit sections of writing for tests.
authors would be free to join.
• publishers can come to and search for submitted manuscripts.
• publishers could subscribe to genres, and levels of quality and be notified when an author submitted a new or updated work.
• publishers would pay for access to this resource.

Google, I believe this service would be a killer use of Deepmind. There is a true need for such a thing in the world. The current publishing industry is mired in ancient processes and no one knows how to break them out of them.

Thanks for reading and any consideration of this idea.

Dave Cline

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+Scott Hawker, have you done any 3d printing yet?

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+Scott Hawker A good video to watch with your kids,
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