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It's me. The one with the mohawk in the picture, but not so much IRL. At the moment...
It's me. The one with the mohawk in the picture, but not so much IRL. At the moment...

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If you fancy a really interesting RPG, have a look at this...

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Hello all.

I need to be better on my Social thing. BUT I backed this on Kickstarter. It's got 4 days to go and is awesome.

I really, really want some salt. So - go back this.


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This looks interesting. Anyone in yet?

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If you're not following +Mara Mascaro, why are you even on G+

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These posts innoculate me from the many, many that make me want to start The Raft.

These people are brilliant
As many of you know, last week we fired the thrusters on ISEE-3 to do a spin-up burn. Before the burn (actually 11 pulses on the spacecraft's hydrazine thrusters) the spin rate of ISEE-3 was 19.16 rpm. After spin-up burn it was 19.76 rpm. The original mission specifications for ISEE-3 called for a spin rate of 19.75 +/- 0.2 rpm. In other words: bullseye.

If all goes according to plan on Tuesday, 8 July, we will conduct the Trajectory Correction Maneuver (TCM). This will require a much longer firing of the spacecraft's thrusters.  Our window at Arecibo opens at 12:42 pm EDT and extends until 3:29 pm EDT. If the burn is a success we will follow up with another ranging session using the DSN to get an exact measure of the spacecraft's position, trajectory, and speed.  After that we should be good to go for our lunar flyby on 10 August.

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Industry people looking for an artist should look at Kim's work. She's brilliant
I have togheter with 4 other people work on a game project for 7 weeks. The vertical slice is finally done. I was responsible for environment, texturing, vFX, shaders and modelling. It's made for windows surface tablet.

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We've been talking about this subject for a while - both at the university and in the wider context of what I do for a living.

And I've seen things on here about the subject. But - for the love of all that is holy:

This. One million times. This.

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Art, darling
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