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Although Red Bull Racing in F1 is looking for a 3rd straight title, their NASCAR competitiveness has been lacking.

Although it's very easy to pass, NASCAR proved too difficult for Red Bull Racing.
Their facility near Charlotte, North Carolina tried to find a new owner. Unfortunately they couldn't and last week let go of their 100 plus crew and closed their doors for good. Unlike Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, Scuderia Ferrari, or Williams who are invested into Formula 1 for the long term, could Red Bull Racing pull out of Formula One if they don't keep winning championships?

F1 Austin

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Yes, F1 will happen in Austin in 2012!!

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‎(Webber talking) Helloooo F1 fans....
Look at your desk.
Back to me.
Back to your desk.
Now back to me...
Sadly, you're not me.
But you could be like me if you drink Canberra Milk..
Look down.
Look up.
Where are you?
You're now in a Formula 1 car zooming uphill towards the blind Turn 1 at Circuit of The Americas!!
Look at your hand,
back at me.
I have it.
It's two F1 tickets for the F1 United States Grand Prix in 2012!!
Look at your hand,
back at me.
Your tickets just turned into diamonds!!!
Anything can happen when you visit F1 Austin and drink milk!
I'm on a camel.

(based off the USA Old Spice commercial ->
and Mark Webber's Canberrar Milk commercial -> )

F1 Austin
2011 Getty Images
(Mark Webber did not endorse this message)
(No camels were kissed in this message)
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