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Jessika Daly
I'm a freelance writer, always looking for the next thing to learn.
I'm a freelance writer, always looking for the next thing to learn.

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I wrote this November 9, 2014 and after reading it again I learned two things. 1. I put everything I've got into something. 2. I have basically gone the farthest distance to nowhere. I can't believe I'm not drinking rn. I would pour a glass of Bordeaux in a...

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Give me comfort and give me soup!
Super easy, one pot, no hassle. I like to have a roast chicken at ALL times. It sounds silly but if you have a roast chicken (and you not a veg) you have a really good meal on your hands. The other night, Whole 30 was kicking my ass. Soccer is in full swing...

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Time to wake up.
Do you hear that? Yeah, me either- but that is the sound of life happening and I am about done ignoring it. Maybe not just yet, but soon... soon I will be done licking my wounds, and I too will join you all in the world. I gave myself a lot of slack. I thin...

Well, I'm back and mobile and I can't believe it has been so long. Hopefully there's still someone out there.
I'm returning to blogging after too long off the horn- some of you know why, some may not, either way it's good to be back!
First up a recipe for my Whole 30 group and anyone else who is walking on the wild side. Then who knows- life, love, travel, kids, family vs. friends... the disappearing woman... I've got some things.

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Cancer likes foxy men. Here's one mans story.

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Potty Learning
This is an article I wrote and they passed on it. I thought I would share it for all the parents of toddlers.  Before you have kids, potty training is something you never think about. Once you have a toddler, potty training is something you can’t stop think...

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Don't forget me.
Hey guys. I wanted to tell you, that I am writing at Spaghetti Family  and you should come over and check it out. I would still love to have both going and maybe I will eventually but damn, if I don't need to get my writing groove back. Anyway, come see wha...

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15 years.
Wow. 15 years ago I woke up early and jumped into a cab with this guy I barely knew. Up until that morning we lived together for less than a month in a house with his band. I had toured with him for a few weeks before that where I visited Nashville for the ...

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There is a reason why you left.
Going back home has always been a weird, double edged sword for me. I make the plans, the excitement builds, or the anxiety that masks itself as excitement builds- and then I am here. The family and the familiarity is immeasurable. Anyone who has a good, so...

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The hardest part.
If you are new to town, you should go back a few posts and see what's up. I am in the middle of a reinvent. It's good stuff. We have been going through the roller coaster of emotions with this move. Maybe all moves are but this one feels epic. This one is t...
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