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Carly Smith
Video Game Journalist Who Really Likes Cats
Video Game Journalist Who Really Likes Cats

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An article I wrote at the wonderful Women Write About Comics site ... pertaining to games! After seeing games media misrepresent a Pew Research study on demographics of device ownership, I wrote my own response about gatekeeping.

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Sometimes the Blue Curtain is Just a Blue Curtain
I know I'm not the only one in an English class where a teacher or another student has tried to find every little piece of meaning in the setting or a character. Sometimes I'm grasping at straws when looking for symbolism, and I can't deny the enjoyment of ...

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Sexuality in Life is Strange
There's a stereotype that women are more open with their feelings and less shy about expressing intimacy with other women in specifically heteronormative environments. This includes but is not limited to women giving and receiving hugs, sleeping in the same...

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Supergirl: Girl vs. Woman
A first look at the upcoming Supergirl  TV series at CBS has released for our differing judgment. People are already likening it to a "chick flick" or a sitcom -- films and shows that are not the territory we think of when we imagine superheroes. The "young...

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The Way of the Sword
(Originally written as a part of the Narrative Journalism class at Ithaca College, fall 2012. Available here as work preservation.) The room is silent. It is bare, brightly lit, hot, and
smells of salt. The students inside are dressed for battle, clad as sa...

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Second-hand Embarrassment, High School, and Life is Strange's Max Caulfield
In my junior year high school yearbook, I scribbled over the faces of a few people with whom I was in a feud. So few people have seen this yearbook because I was so embarrassed about my behavior that I threw it out halfway through senior year. High school w...

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2014: A Year in Review
2014 sucked. I don't really have any nice way of putting it. 2014 has honestly been the worst year of my life, and my proudest accomplishment is surviving through it mentally and emotionally. Between my mom's death and GamerGate , this year has been my wors...

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On GamerGate
Note: I had drafted this piece for publication to be alongside that of my colleagues; however, they couldn't make it to publication. Because this is important, I want to post it here. I wanted to do it sooner while doing the "will they or won't they?" dance...

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We're all tired - Games, News, Ethics, and Being A Woman
I've been wondering how to talk about this for the past two weeks. Here's a summation: An independent game developer has been on the receiving end of harassment after a blog written by her ex-boyfriend addressed their personal life. Out of this came an atta...

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Hamatora Review: Some Thriller, A Whole Lot of Filler
As a visual medium, anime (and really any TV show or movie, animated or live-action) should be appealing to the eye. Our first impression is what we see. What I saw in Hamatora  was really bright colors. Really bright colors.  Unfortunately, when a show is ...
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