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Unleashing the power of sound for health, wealth and happiness.

During this 60-minute free webinar I'll be addressing one of the biggest, yet least talked about issues that affects our health, wealth and relationships: our sound. We’ll be covering how to create personal soundscapes that are healthy and productive; the potential impact of your voice in your relationships and business life; and how to transform your listening – and with it your whole experience of life.
Taking Control Of Your Sound
Wed, August 1, 2012, 2:30 PM

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Julian Treasure

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Our Californian soundscape is reducing crime - featured in WSJ yesterday and UK Daily Mail today
Mayor R Rex Parris, who commissioned the recordings, claims the birdsong is calming the citizens of Lancaster (pictured) by altering the chemicals in the brain.
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This is not surprising after you explained why in your talk yesterday. I never thought about an evolutionary role of birdsong in humans. Subconscious instinct seems to always have powerful influence over our lives, birdsong no exception!
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Julian Treasure

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My short TED talk on conscious listening has just gone up at - one of the first to be released from TEDGlobal, which is very exciting. Feedback has been wonderful. Please take a look and if you like it pass it on; if you're inspired to act, please connect with me.
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Brilliant talk - just shown it and some of your other TED talks  to our daughter who has just about completed Teacher Training.
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Author, Sound Business; Chairman, The Sound Agency; BrandSound™ strategist; TED speaker

Every business is making sound, but most are doing it unconsciously and damaging their sales, customer satisfaction, staff productivity and marketing effectiveness in the process. Getting your sound right can improve your bottom line fast.

The Sound Agency helps clients achieve better results through the better use of sound - in branding, communication, retail or public spaces, offices and product design. Our unique SoundFlow™ model maps (or predicts) the effects of sound on people, and we combine this with many years' experience in business management and marketing.

We are thought-leaders in the new field of applied sound, and have been featured in the Economist, TIME Magazine, UK national press (Times, Guardian, FT and Daily Telegraph) radio (BBC Radio 2, 4 and 5) and TV (ITV's Tonight programme and BBC2's Working Lunch), as well as business magazines and radio stations around the world. Take a look at our SlideShare page for more.

My book Sound Business (free chapter download available from this link) is the first to map the huge new territory of applied sound, and acts as a complete introduction to harnessing the power of sound in business, from branding and marketing to the telephone, the web and physical spaces such as shops, restaurants, offices and reception areas. The second edition is available both in print and as an ebook. Click here to look inside or buy the book.

Some of the things we do...
Applied sound consultancy - planning, creating (or removing) sound using state-of-the-art technology. Examples include creating/optimising audio brand guidelines; creating BrandSound™ and branded music; creating and installing generative soundscapes in offices, shops or public spaces; consulting on optimising sound in all forms of communication.
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Three-time speaker at TEDGlobal's TED-University
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