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George Hobson
Learner, teacher, husband, father, grandfather.
Learner, teacher, husband, father, grandfather.

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Open laptops in lecture halls - a distraction? Of course...
Another piece of research has come out, confirming the obvious. Open laptops in lecture halls are a distraction - multiple choice tests of those with and those without laptops demonstrate those without do better. This is not an argument to stop the research...

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No grades on reports - a difficult transition?
Having no grades on student reports is an initiative that many schools are contemplating or are actually in the process of doing, but it is not without difficulty-  and carrying your community with you depends on good communication and explanation. This vid...

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Productive Failure and Inspiring Learning - providing affordances
Is there evidence that "instruction" is not the best way of having learning occur? The traditional teach and test method seems rational, but is it how we learn? Does acquiring learning in this way inhibit a richer learning? A post in Quartz pointed me to a ...

"Learning" vs "Instruction"
I am concerned about using the word "instruction" to describe the setting for teaching and learning. It seems so one directional. If you are to "instruct" you must carefully define what it is you are going to instruct and pass the instruction on in some way...

Learning Styles - a debunked but pervasive myth
Cathy Moore 's "How to respond to Learning Style believers" is a useful summary of the main arguments surrounding the Learning Styles myth. She links to Tesia Marshik's TEDx talk , which I prefer (PREFER) as a first source of information about this. Marshik...

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Subjectives instead of Objectives - my notes from Week 1 Rhizo15
Week 1 (Starting Wednesday 15th of April 2015. Video from Dave Cormier ("facilitator" for Rhizo15) Talking about Learning  Subjectives  as opposed to Learning  Objectives , world is an uncertain place, right answers only occur in story books, so how to prov...

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Leadership - Federman's definition of Contemporary Leadership
Sometimes you come across an article or post which resonates deeply. Thank you Mark Federman for waking me up from a blogging slumber and addressing the important yet sometimes ephemeral aspects of leadership. Things have changed. Attitudes towards hierarch...

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Google has released a new teaser for Google Classroom . They announce a September start-date on their blog and perhaps even a trial: "By September, Classroom will be available to any school using Google Apps for Education. Since we want to make sure Classr...

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Breaking the mould? Learning Spaces for the Future.
The logic is that if you want to do something different, you need to change everything. Classrooms have been learning spaces which have not really changed very much over time, over a long time. The traditional rows of tables (desks) with the teacher at the ...

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Take it with you - Google Takeout - good explanation...
Screencast I made showing how to use Google Takeout so staff/students leaving the district have an option for taking their data with them.   #GoogleCT   #AppsCT   #WIedu   #Gafe   #gafesummit  
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