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#shortstory   #shortstories   #flashfiction  A little Friday story.

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Making Friends
                “Holy smokes,” said Teddy.                 He looked up at the darkening
clouds rolling through the once blue sky.                 “It was so sunny, like, a second
ago, now it’s like, midnight out here,” he said.                 Teddy nudged...

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#poetry   #poem   #poems  Happy Tuesday!

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I Covet
I covet. That is my
sin. I feel the
pangs and electricity of
jealousy whenever I
see a happy couple. I covet
their casual grace and ease. I’m
jealous of their quick loving pecks
on the cheek, hand holding and
intimacy of a thousand little
private moments. I...

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#poem   #poetry   #poems  

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Swimming in Sand
“Get up! Get
up! Get up!” They shout.
As if their pleas will somehow
roust us from our
comfortably narrow perspectives. “To Arms! To
Arms! To Arms!” They rally.
As if their demands will be met
with anything other than our
complete resistance to being told

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The Great Lover
                The Great Lover gently brushed
back Sharon’s ruby hair off her forehead. She snored gently in The Great Lover’s
arm crook behind her head.  The Great
Lover was too warm under the blankets on Sharon’s bed. He tried to adjust
himself so at lea...

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#poem   #poetry   #poems   #anxiety  

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The Nervous Truth
The realm of
Anxiety is filled with
nameless terrors, horrors, and
general confusion over the
proper way to respond to various
levels of stimuli. Sometimes
silence is the answer, sometimes
anger is the response, sometimes it’s
the appearance of uncompassion...
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