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Pawel Nolbert
Graphic Designer, Art Director
Graphic Designer, Art Director

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crazy, creative, drunken night

Lame-ass question: is there any way to connect G+ with twitter or facebook? Like auto posts from Twitter -> G+ or the other way around

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Nyan Cat was here! (I have to manually put my instagrams here before they add G+ to their app)

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will see the rest of the story soon...
Its so Heavy...!!

I think it's about time to sort out my connections in appropriate circles, before this thing grows into something unmanageable, like my fb.

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It's the first time one of the first sites I visit in the morning is G+, not facebook. From one bad thing to another...

Funny to see everyone testing the fresh G+ features, sniffing around the place. I'm already thinking of for how long will G+ remain spam and junk free (like facebook)

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Lots of those here too

Now the proper G+ iPhone App is what I wait for with not so much hope... Still, you eventually have to do it Google! Got to deal with the web one for now.
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