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Free Thinker. Question Everything.

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Spoken like a scholar.
100% Absolute Agreement.
I'm going to say on record that I do not support this decision, though my lack of support isn't because I don't think gays should marry. Gays have been able to marry for decades, but until this decision, they didn't have the benefits as recognized by the state.

No, the reason I don't support the gay marriage decision is because the state / government doesn't care about marriage. There is absolutely nothing sacred about marriage. You go to the court house, sign some papers and hand the clerk some money. There is no symbolism to it, no magic, nothing. Marriage used to be sacred; cherished; upheld. Today, you have one group that wants benefits and the other group that can't even uphold the very ideology they have been trying to protect.

The only reason today, for getting married and being recognized by the state is for the contractual benefits it grants. Affidavit, healthcare, tax relief, etc. THAT is the reason gays have fought for marriage and that is the exact reason I don't support the decision. It isn't for "love", it's for everything that comes after love: life.

Personally, I don't care that the gays get the same benefits. I think it's great. But over the last three decades, they have fought a war that only focuses on their kind: the gay community. They've completely left out an entire nation of people who could just as easily benefit from the same contract as marriage, but the gays don't care. They want it all to themselves. Instead of fighting for the sisters living together and never getting married, they fought for themselves. Instead of fighting for the college roommates who never grew apart and instead lived together, they fought for themselves. Instead of fighting for the daughter living with her disabled mother to take care of her, they fought for themselves. This is the reason I don't support the decision. It was a very selfish and narrow minded war.

Half of the country has been up in arms to fight their ideology of what marriage is, yet neither have stopped to think of how the innocents involved, could be impacted if they too had similar freedoms. The side waging the war proclaims equality yet only fights for like minded individuals. What happened to equality for the non-gay community that isn't married? Shouldn't they have similar equality rights?

Unfortunately, the decision has been made and countless individuals who are neither gay, nor married, won't have the opportunity to benefit from what the "married" people have. It's a simple solution. Leave marriage up to religion and leave contractual benefits up to the state. Abolish marriage as recognized by the state and instead create civil unions between any two parties of age. Let anyone and everyone who needs or wants the benefits that the state gives, to have the freedom to contractually receive them.

Shame on the gays for only thinking of themselves and shame on the conservatives for fighting to uphold something they don't even believe in themselves.

This might sound racist. I don't really care. In context, I saw four black families at the grocery store that were entirely civil. Then these two fat angry looking black women appeared. Talking as loud as the could, f this f that f motha f.

Congratulations you two. You are an embarrassment to the of society. The fact that you can loudly "rap" every other word as f dis f dat didn't and doesn't impress anyone. 

Google Inbox.
Its a thing.
And it rox.

So before i forget. You showed up as a cameo role in a dream, insisting that you had discovered the secret to immortality.

I know better than to not take you seriously whether on this plane of reality or the next.

So, how's the project coming?

So this morning I felt a little gassy.

That was when the gas pump exploded on me, of course.

Best way to take the smell of gasoline out of leather? Anyone?

Just going to share this

Hello Java World.

I am new to this dominion. 
I have plans. Desires. Things I feel I must do. 

I unfortunately cannot seem to make a compiler work.
They say that if you're not smart enough to work a tool you shouldn't use it, but I'm pretty sure that carpenters still slam their fingers with their hammers after twenty years. 

Any possibility of a little hand?

Hello local Madison+area folks.
Looking for a home to move into After 2+ BR and 1+ BA. Prefer 3BR/2BA. Willing to pay upwards of $950 for the right place. We don't really want to deal with the Madison schools because of the early dismissals on Mondays. 

Know of someone who is trying to rent a place? Please let me know. 

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Straight line winds are fun.

#madisonwi   #angelinvestor   #angelinvestors   #businessstartup   

I am looking into the possibility of opening up a new business in Madison, WI to cater to the college crowd in more ways than one.

For potential employees, my first objective is an open and honest wage scale, going back towards the olden days where the highest paid member of the company (CEO, not that I would call myself that) is paid a maximum of seven times what the lowest paid member receives. (Unlike the current trend in this country of x1000 vs lowest worker).

For that to work, I would require workers who were willing to stick around and grow with the shop up and until they feel that they simply must move on. I do not want a turnover environment. A major part of the intent here is to provide employment that isn't minimum wage. That would require people to love what they are doing.

This is not necessarily a "for profit" idea so much as it is an idea to provide a service that college students need, while also providing a service that college students need, and providing an environment that college students need. Yes. I'm being vague--On purpose for the moment. Of course, its not just for college students.

To start, I would need retail/commercial space on the order of about 2500 sq ft.

I would need a minimum of eight employees to cover two shifts (and that may increase as I draw my concept out further). 

And of course, the big thing that makes it tick: I would need an angel investor of some type to show the full plan to before I ever reveal a thing publicly.

So to cover the prime points:
I have a desire to make solid jobs that aren't minimum wage.

I have a desire to create a new concept location that caters to the Madison Capitol clientele as well as the University of Wisconsin.

I have a desire to build a place of zen, comfort, and relaxation rather than hustle, bustle, and chaos.

Also, I'm probably being a little paranoid at the moment. I'll get over that soon enough--which is why I'm emphasizing the primary points rather than what I want to do at first. If that sounds interesting, then I'll reveal more detail. (For all I know, other people already do this sort of thing.)

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