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Spoken like a scholar.
100% Absolute Agreement.
I'm going to say on record that I do not support this decision, though my lack of support isn't because I don't think gays should marry. Gays have been able to marry for decades, but until this decision, they didn't have the benefits as recognized by the state.

No, the reason I don't support the gay marriage decision is because the state / government doesn't care about marriage. There is absolutely nothing sacred about marriage. You go to the court house, sign some papers and hand the clerk some money. There is no symbolism to it, no magic, nothing. Marriage used to be sacred; cherished; upheld. Today, you have one group that wants benefits and the other group that can't even uphold the very ideology they have been trying to protect.

The only reason today, for getting married and being recognized by the state is for the contractual benefits it grants. Affidavit, healthcare, tax relief, etc. THAT is the reason gays have fought for marriage and that is the exact reason I don't support the decision. It isn't for "love", it's for everything that comes after love: life.

Personally, I don't care that the gays get the same benefits. I think it's great. But over the last three decades, they have fought a war that only focuses on their kind: the gay community. They've completely left out an entire nation of people who could just as easily benefit from the same contract as marriage, but the gays don't care. They want it all to themselves. Instead of fighting for the sisters living together and never getting married, they fought for themselves. Instead of fighting for the college roommates who never grew apart and instead lived together, they fought for themselves. Instead of fighting for the daughter living with her disabled mother to take care of her, they fought for themselves. This is the reason I don't support the decision. It was a very selfish and narrow minded war.

Half of the country has been up in arms to fight their ideology of what marriage is, yet neither have stopped to think of how the innocents involved, could be impacted if they too had similar freedoms. The side waging the war proclaims equality yet only fights for like minded individuals. What happened to equality for the non-gay community that isn't married? Shouldn't they have similar equality rights?

Unfortunately, the decision has been made and countless individuals who are neither gay, nor married, won't have the opportunity to benefit from what the "married" people have. It's a simple solution. Leave marriage up to religion and leave contractual benefits up to the state. Abolish marriage as recognized by the state and instead create civil unions between any two parties of age. Let anyone and everyone who needs or wants the benefits that the state gives, to have the freedom to contractually receive them.

Shame on the gays for only thinking of themselves and shame on the conservatives for fighting to uphold something they don't even believe in themselves.
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No, I see a goal to strive for. We've learned to walk, now let's begin to run. Penalizing yourself for not running from the get go is silly, and blinds you to your progress.

Let yourself sit in the richness of the moment.
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So this morning I felt a little gassy.

That was when the gas pump exploded on me, of course.

Best way to take the smell of gasoline out of leather? Anyone?
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Hello Java World.

I am new to this dominion. 
I have plans. Desires. Things I feel I must do. 

I unfortunately cannot seem to make a compiler work.
They say that if you're not smart enough to work a tool you shouldn't use it, but I'm pretty sure that carpenters still slam their fingers with their hammers after twenty years. 

Any possibility of a little hand?
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Assuming you're using windows.
Using an editor, like notepad, create a file called 
Then put the following into the file and save it:

public class HelloWorld {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        System.out.println("Hello, World");


After that, open a cmd.exe window in the directory where the file exists and type the following command:

this will create a file called HelloWorld.class. 
Now type:
   java HelloWorld

the output should be as follows:
Hello, World

To learn Java programming go pick up the Heads First Java book.  It will cover everything you need to know.
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Please share as a last ditch plea to the public.
+United States Presidential Election2012 
+Gary Johnson +Barack Obama +Mitt Romney 
#Liberty   #Election2012   #UnitedStates   #Military  
#Iran   #Foreignwars  

A vote for the left is a vote for the right. A vote for the right is a vote for the left. Why? Because they are identical in all respects that actually matter.

Obama is more hawkish than Bush was, yet the left claims Bush is a war monger and thinks Obama walks on water. The right claims that Obama won't 'protect' us, yet they think that Romney will do better somehow despite acknowledgements that he would do the exact same thing.

This is what we do overseas now:

Drone assault doctrine also includes something called the 'double tap,' which DIRECTLY VIOLATES the 1949 Articles of the Fourth Geneva Convention, stating that there are protections for wounded, and for civilians in and around war zones---specifically protecting those who move in after the fact to collect and care for wounded. 

Our Presidents are becoming war criminals according to the Geneva Convention.

Now if you ask yourself if we are such a law abiding, good, and godly, and that the reason we do what we do is to 'protect our allies,' and 'protect the good of the world,' and to 'obey our allegiances and treaties,' then I ask you to ask yourself: Why are we violating them?

The military is breaking law. Not just domestic, but international law. Are you safer for this? No. The result of this down the road will be more devastating blowback, which happened to be a prime creation factor of 9/11. 

Who is ordering these attacks? Obama. Who agrees with these attacks? Romney. Who also ordered these types of attacks? Bush. 

Obama is responsible for the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, particularly section 1021 which allows for the indefinite detention of American Citizens with NO DUE PROCESS (This has 1933 Nazi Germany all over it), YET Romney says that he ALSO would have passed the law---in the name of 'protecting our freedoms.'

Both Obama and Romney are bought and paid for by the same private banks including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase & Co, Citigroup, & UBS AG.  The same banks that were 'bailed out' by Bush to start, as well as QE1, QE2, QE3.

These banks quickly rose to higher power shortly after the repeal of Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 [repealed under Bill Clinton], which deregulated banking. You'll note that it was shortly after this deregulation that the housing bubble began, when the Community Restoration Act of 1999 was passed (which was an extension of the act of the same name under Jimmy Carter in 1977). This ultimately led to the worse recession since the Great Depression which I know our grandparents remember all too well.

Banks began giving loans out to anybody and everybody whether or not they could afford it. The government then mandated that each bank MUST, not can, but MUST give out a minimum number of sub-prime mortgages to people who were considered 'risky' customers. Bam! Housing collapse. These same banks were immediately bailed out by Bush and Obama--an act in which Romney has stated he agrees with.

Have you noticed why the costs of everything have gone UP in the last few years? The truth of the matter is that the PRICE of gasoline and groceries has not gone up. The value of the dollar has dropped like a rock. The same amount of gold buys the same amount of oil give or take a few percent, in either 1999 or 2012. Oil has maintained an equivalent cost ratio to Gold. Gold has skyrocketed in relation to the dollar, as has the barrel of oil. Your beloved fiat (fake) currency, the United States Dollar, is becoming worthless.

The USD is becoming so worthless, in fact, that they are discussing removing the penny from our currency entirely. They are discussing this because it costs $0.024 to make a single penny worth $0.01 on the market. The value of the raw materials in a penny exceeds the value of the penny itself. 

Just to drive the point home that we are dealing with border-line hyper-inflation here, a dollar is worth about what a penny was worth in the 1920's.  A half cent coin minted in 1857 would have a 2010 buying power of 11 cents.
This website is very likely the last place you can get a real feel for the demographics of the USA. It is not a 'poll,' but rather a point where you can determine who you truly side with on issues. I highly suggest you look into it, and highly suggest you always click on 'other answers' to verify you are choosing what you want. 

In Idaho, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Gary Johnson beats out Obama and Romney.
In Nevada, Arizona, and Florida, Johnson ties with Obama and Romney is left in the dust.
In North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Wyoming, Utah, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, and North Carolina, Johnson trails Obama by 1% or 2%.

Again, this is not a POLL, it is a percentage of agreement by people who have taken the quiz. 

Romney trails Johnson EVERYWHERE as far as popular opinion is concerned, and as far as personal preference is concerned. Obama trails Johnson only slightly in half of the country, and visa versa in the other half.

Are you better off now than you were four years ago? Very likely not. Eight years ago? Doubtful. Twelve years ago? Sixteen years ago? Twenty years ago? At this point I'm talking to parents and grandparents. You know for a fact that you are worse off now than you ever were. For my young friends, and cousins, you should ask your parents how worse off they are if you do not already know.

How do you feel when you have to fly somewhere? Violated?

How do you feel when you pass a police officer on the road? Frightened?

Do you have one single thing that shapes your opinion, such as gay rights or abortion? 

Do you realize how dishonest you are being with yourself if/when you do so?

Do you realize that we live in an Orwellian time? That we are watched on an increasingly regular basis via CCTV?

Do you realize that both major candidates support the assault on you, your civil liberties, your constitution, and continuation of the drug war as well as the unending war on terror?

Do you realize that this country is upwards of $60Trillion in total debt, including a deficit of $16Trillion, required payouts for social security, medicaid, medicare, government pensions, and so forth?

Do you realize that Obama and Romney fight over who is going to spend more money? Money that we do not have?

Do you realize the sheer magnitude of the debt that this country faces?

Do you realize that our debt exceeds 350% of our Gross Domestic Product, which is why our money is inflating so much?

Do you realize that a silver dime would buy you a gallon of gasoline?

Do you realize that you are a free range debt slave to the government machine?

Do you realize that you can be thrown into prison without due process?

Do you realize that the Department of Homeland Security just graduated its first class of "Homeland Youth," which is a direct parallel to the "Hitler Youth" of Nazi Germany?

Do you realize that Department of Homeland Security Agents can write their own warrants without a sign-off from a Judge and raid your home based off a rumor that has no credibility? Do you realize that we're that close to the Salem Effect? (Salem Witch Trials)

Do you realize how little an issue Iran is now? Do you realize that Benjamin Netanyahu (if you don't know who that is, you really need to review your stance) addressed the United States Congress and said flat out that Israel did not need help from America? Do you realize that Iran [if pursuing the bomb] is merely trying to build a deterrent to keep the United States from attacking them? Do you realize that Iran dislikes our government because of its incessant meddling in their internal affairs as far back as the 1950's, which resulted in blowback that we felt in 1977 which utterly exploded in our faces, creating a quasi-religion nation-state, where as if we minded our own business to begin with it would not have happened that way?

Do you realize how little an issue gay marriage is now? Do you realize that the Church that now preaches so hard against same-sex marriage used to allow men to marry in the church as far back as 1578 and beyond? Do you realize now that getting you all hopped up on two men or two women marrying is simply a social control based upon a media enhanced image that gay men are all sexual deviants who want to rape your children? Do you realize that it is all merely fueled by your own social and sexual anxieties, and that two people who love one another should be allowed to love one another despite their genitals?

Do you realize how little an issue abortion rights are now? Do you realize that abortion rights are women's rights? Do you realize that to allow the government into your vagina (if applicable) is a total surrender of your personal rights as a woman (if applicable)? Do you realize that you cannot legislate morality like the government tries so hard to do, and that these issues are LOCAL issues, and STATE issues? Do you realize that legislating vaginal rights is the same thing as legislating away a woman's personal liberties?

Do you realize how little an issue marijuana is now? Do you realize in addition to this that Industrial Hemp could produce American made ethanol fuel, thus removing our dependence on foreign oil, and that DuPont (a heavy handed chemical company with many lobbyists) is a primary reason that Marijuana is illegal to begin with?

Do you realize that the drug war has turned this country into the most incarcerated nation on the planet? That simple drug users are thrown in with hardened criminals like murderers and rapists, where they are raped and beaten behind prison walls thus causing them to become hardened criminals, ergo making the whole criminal world worse? Do you realize that despite an immeasurable amount of money spent on the drug war, drug use has stayed LEVEL, and drugs have actually become MORE readily available, and CHEAPER?

Do you realize now, that the issues pushed upon you by the left/right dichotomy are merely aspects of social control, further pushed upon you by a supposed "free media" that is owned by the very corporations and banks that dominate the lobbying firms in Washington DC?

You do not live in a free country anymore. 

You have an option to change this. 


Look up Gary Johnson before you vote today if you have not voted already.
A vote for him, if he is who you agree with most, is NOT a wasted vote. 
A vote for someone as a lesser of two evils however, IS a wasted vote.

If you agree with Romney or Obama more than Gary Johnson, then by all means vote for one of them. If you do not, then do not lie to yourself, and do not lie to the country.

If you find you agree more with Gary Johnson and STILL vote for a different candidate, then you are not just lying to yourself, but you are letting your entire country down. Keep in mind that on issues that TRULY matter, such as NDAA, Patriot Act, violation of civil liberties, continuation of foreign wars, increasing the national debt, playing party politics and bi-partisanship in which the only things agreed upon are the cessation of your rights under the law.

A freedom taken from another person is a freedom taken from yourself.

"Ask not what your country can do for you, but you can do for your country." -John F. Kennedy

The United States was once this planet's beacon of hope, prosperity, and freedom.
It is now the fastest rising beacon of disparity, depression, and tyranny.

"Americans think their danger is terrorists. They don't understand the terrorists cannot take away habeas corpus, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution; The terrorists are not anything like the threat we face from our own government in the name of fighting terrorism. The American constitutional system is near to being overthrown." - Paul Craig Roberts

"Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one." - Benjamin Franklin

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana

Do your part.
Be honest to yourself.


Vote Gary Johnson or we're fucked.
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only when the country as a whole wakes up and really start caring about one another will a third party candidate get voted in..sadly ..not yet..
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This might sound racist. I don't really care. In context, I saw four black families at the grocery store that were entirely civil. Then these two fat angry looking black women appeared. Talking as loud as the could, f this f that f motha f.

Congratulations you two. You are an embarrassment to the of society. The fact that you can loudly "rap" every other word as f dis f dat didn't and doesn't impress anyone. 
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Nah, not racist.
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Google Inbox.
Its a thing.
And it rox.
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So before i forget. You showed up as a cameo role in a dream, insisting that you had discovered the secret to immortality.

I know better than to not take you seriously whether on this plane of reality or the next.

So, how's the project coming?
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Just going to share this
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Hello local Madison+area folks.
Looking for a home to move into After 2+ BR and 1+ BA. Prefer 3BR/2BA. Willing to pay upwards of $950 for the right place. We don't really want to deal with the Madison schools because of the early dismissals on Mondays. 

Know of someone who is trying to rent a place? Please let me know. 
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#madisonwi   #angelinvestor   #angelinvestors   #businessstartup   

I am looking into the possibility of opening up a new business in Madison, WI to cater to the college crowd in more ways than one.

For potential employees, my first objective is an open and honest wage scale, going back towards the olden days where the highest paid member of the company (CEO, not that I would call myself that) is paid a maximum of seven times what the lowest paid member receives. (Unlike the current trend in this country of x1000 vs lowest worker).

For that to work, I would require workers who were willing to stick around and grow with the shop up and until they feel that they simply must move on. I do not want a turnover environment. A major part of the intent here is to provide employment that isn't minimum wage. That would require people to love what they are doing.

This is not necessarily a "for profit" idea so much as it is an idea to provide a service that college students need, while also providing a service that college students need, and providing an environment that college students need. Yes. I'm being vague--On purpose for the moment. Of course, its not just for college students.

To start, I would need retail/commercial space on the order of about 2500 sq ft.

I would need a minimum of eight employees to cover two shifts (and that may increase as I draw my concept out further). 

And of course, the big thing that makes it tick: I would need an angel investor of some type to show the full plan to before I ever reveal a thing publicly.

So to cover the prime points:
I have a desire to make solid jobs that aren't minimum wage.

I have a desire to create a new concept location that caters to the Madison Capitol clientele as well as the University of Wisconsin.

I have a desire to build a place of zen, comfort, and relaxation rather than hustle, bustle, and chaos.

Also, I'm probably being a little paranoid at the moment. I'll get over that soon enough--which is why I'm emphasizing the primary points rather than what I want to do at first. If that sounds interesting, then I'll reveal more detail. (For all I know, other people already do this sort of thing.)

Share this post? 
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Have you heard of the Capital Entrepreneurs group? They might be able to give you some insight on starting a new business in the area and how things work. They are all very talented and successful people. You should check them out.

Best of luck!
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Had enough yet, America?
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Free Thinker. Question Everything.
Good day to you one and all. 

Ever wondered what made people tick? Why some run blindly through life, why others are entirely apathetic, and why others try to get into yours?

I've always been curious to this. My primary desire in life is to be left alone by the powers that be so that I can live freely as I see fit, following natural law   and doing no harm to others except for in self defense--as was intended.

I've wondered why the vast majority of violence in the world is committed by people who claim to be chaste, honorable, god loving individuals.

I've wondered why government wants to rule my life, when they are supposed to be ruled by people like myself; servants of people like myself.

I've wondered how much history of this world has been lost by the burning of libraries, the slaughter of soothsayers, oracles, sages, chieftains, alchemists, philosophers, and scientists.

I've wondered whether or not we are alone in the universe and come to the conclusion that we are indeed not; we are too infantile to even be officially approached by more advanced cultures.

I've wondered just how far the community human brain can be pushed before it snaps and destroys itself in a torrent of war and chaos.

I've wandered to points around the world and wondered what the differences actually are between them an myself. 

I've witnessed things that cannot be explained by science, nor by religion.

I've experienced wonder, joy, regret, anguish, sorrow, anger, and rage.

I've seen ignorance, petulance, arrogance, compassion, love, and devotion.

I've seen our world, and wondered where my place truly is inside of it.
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Initial Review is a FIVE star review. Five Stars - BACON = 1 Star. No Bacon. 1 Star. 'Nuff said. The doughnuts are amazing. Not amazing enough to make up for the lack of bacon, but if you are not interested in bacon, the doughnuts are alone enough to give this place five stars for your preferences. Drinks were consistently filled. The staff was good; earned their prepaid tip. If this place had bacon, it would be six stars. Would pay extra for bacon. Hope the owners see this.
• • •
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Kids favorite park. Safe location.
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1.2 pound top sirloin steak at Woodman's: ≈ $7 Same steak back in Kansas: ≈ $12 Eterna 1.5L 8PH bottled water at Woodman's: ≈ $1.25 Same bottle of water at Whole Foods: ≈ $3.50 Employee owned. It makes a major difference. Woodman's also just opened another Marketplace that's gotta be awesome. Haven't been there yet. (Steaks are awesome by the way).
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