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¯\_(ツ)_/¯ All we are is dust in the wind dude
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ All we are is dust in the wind dude
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Autonotification: +João Dias​​ I had to wipe my phone and i installed Autonotification again from Gplay and its missing the media layout option. I mentioned this option being missing before and you uploaded an apk with it included i just installed that version from the thread so the problems solved but this was ages ago i thought the GPlay version would of had it included by now, so im just wondering if you forget about it

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Not sure if this is a bug but at 42 seconds i select the text then delete it using the normal delete key but the suggestion bar still shows me the suggestions for what i just deleted. Which means i have to tap on the text field to get back to my custom suggestion bar i think it should auto switch back.

How come color keys [CO:2] is not listed in the key reference page? im sure it use to be.

grab it fast I think.theres an expiration date on the link

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Im using Tasker and the AutoTools plugin to show what's currently playing using a snackbar and as you can see in Shuttle+ the snackbar is showing me the correct music information but in GMMP it doesn't but when I press the play/pause button it updates with the correct info. I've contacted the GMMP dev and he said its not a problem at his end.

Here's the profile/task incase it helps.

Profile: Music Info (7)
Event: AutoTools Media State [ Configuration:No configuration necessary.

This condition will trigger whenever a supported media app broadcasts a new media state.

As you can see below you'll have access to several variables containing details about the media. ]
Enter: Show (8)
A1: Variable Set [ Name:%Nowplaying To:%atartist - %attrack Recurse Variables:Off Do Maths:Off Append:Off ]
A2: Snackbar [ Configuration:Message: %Nowplaying
Command: Timeout (Seconds):10 ] 

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Any ideas what I've done this was working fine so it must be something I did. As you can see what I type is being replaced.

Autotext is quality but why did you put the add text button in the overflow would of been easier as a visible actionbar item or even better a fab for those devices that don't show actionbar items.

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In the Actionbar of the plugins theres an info icon which when pressed shows me these nifty help dialogs. Is there anyway i can bring these up on demand without pressing that icon, Android TV doesn't show some Actionbar icons for some daft reason so i cant do that :( anyways this videoãoDias/posts/2p3tbyod6Mmas gave me an idea for a nice workaround. Id like to do something similar to what you do in that vide and make a list of all of the info Dialogs from all of the autoplugins and open them when clicked.

Whats the default values for delay and repeat delay under long press

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Could you unlock the orientation for autoapps cheers.
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