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Cracked a Gideon Jura ($10) and a Frost Titan ($2) at's Sealed event today. Didn't win any of the three rounds, minus the first-round bye, due to problematic midgame issues (no Oblivion Ring, no Lawkeepers, no Pacifisms, too few decent counterspells, I AM NOT A CONTROL PLAYER...), but given that my entry fee was via store credit, I don't feel all that bad~

Amused that Techcrunch's Arrington's screed about Buffet's op-ed was that, even with tax increases, the man's fortune is untouched. Yes, Arrington - that's sort of the point. His actual fortune's untouched - he can, in fact, afford the tax increase. More so than the poor. So why the hate, Arrington? Why the copy-pasted and factually fallacious Standard Libertarian Talking Points? Why the rhetorical investment in tonnages of red herrings and straw figures?

What is, in fact, motivating your righteous indignation?

So, hey. Placed first at today's Magic: The Gathering $1k tournament. We split the prize pool at semifinals and decided on winners, so it isn't quite as impressive as it sounds.

Still. Holy fuck. I broke into semis.

Maybe I'm pretty OK at this game now~

I won't lie: I'm a bit tired of working 12-hour days. Luckily, tomorrow's only 8 hours! ...on a Saturday. least it pays decently?

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Saw Captain America today. Far less jingoistic than you'd expect it to inherently be, much to its advantage. It's the most character-oriented of the Marvel Avenger films so far - also to its advantage.

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HAHAHAohwow. Good job, Sony. Good job~
How not to design a CAPTCHA

Unfortunately Sony missed the entire point of a CAPTCHA. Instead of using an obfuscated image which is difficult for computers to recognize the characters, they include the CAPTCHA's unobfuscated characters in HTML and use CSS and JavaScript to make the characters appear slightly distorted.

While taking a Digital Image and Video Processing class (EE 371R at, I picked up a summer hobby of writing CAPTCHA breakers. Most CAPTCHAs can be decoded with a combination of Gaussian edge detection and XOR difference analysis with known characters. However this one falls to a simple regex.

Oh god. Miso so good. Toss it into water with a buncha random veggies, mushrooms and eggs, and suddenly you have a noodle soup.

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Even the staunchly conservative Economist thinks the GOP's full of absolute shit when it comes to the budget.

I am... uncertain if I actually remembered to eat dinner last night.
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