10 Things I Learned at ICSC #RetailGreen & #CenterBuild

1.  Average retail shop success rate - 1 in 10;  Franchise success rate - 7 in 10.
2.  Major retailers such as Estee Lauder, Starbucks, Target and Wal-Mart are looking way beyond just building design for sustainability opportunities.  90% of energy is expended and controlled during operations.
3.  It's not easy being green.  Particularly when your green roof turns red.
4.  Tropicalization -  the act of converting plans, systems and materials to a new market.  The next step beyond translation and conversion.
5.  Emerging market work needs to include a Bribe line item.  10% of cost.
6.  4 Food Groups - Retail, Industrial, Office, Multi-family.
7.  Hydrogen fuel cell powered automobiles are coming in 2015.
8.  Getting power from a potato isn't easy either.  But you can light a 1.7V, 0.2mA LED if you know what you are doing.
9.  It is better to pay for open bar by the glass than fixed cost per head.
10. I am more of a buccaneer than a pirate.  And I'm God at delivering promises by connecting dots others don't know exist. 

Bonus - 530 & 1290 registered for RetailGreen and CenterBuild respectively.

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